Any Mexican restaurants left?

Discussion in 'Panama Food & Restaurants' started by Letsgo, Oct 18, 2012.

  1. Letsgo

    Letsgo New Member

    I just returned to Panama after several years of absence and realized that two of my favorite restaurants, Los Chilangos and El Patio Mexicano, no longer exist. Are there any Mexican restaurants left in Panama City?
  2. DaygoCali

    DaygoCali New Member

    Sanborns in multiplaza is an actual mexican restaurant from mexico and is authentic mexican food. there is ¨la rosa mexicana¨ on calle uruguay next to the new waldorf and that is a more high end mexican restaurant. Orale tacos and tequila is carne asada nachos and your typical kind of food.
  3. Letsgo

    Letsgo New Member

    Thanks for the wonderful suggestions! Helps a lot.
  4. No-Non-Sense-Matt

    No-Non-Sense-Matt New Member

    La Cebollinas in Punta Pacifica is very good. I was impressed.
  5. cloudboy

    cloudboy Member

    You will look long and hard for decent tasty Mexican food at a reasonable price in Panama. Certainly, they are not to be found in Boquete. Yes, there are/were two there (Los Antojitos and La Caserona) but the food was abysmal. Sanborn's is a cultural icon in Mexico and certainly has great Mex food in Mexico but whether it survived the traspaso to Panama culturally and culinarily intact (quality control), I cannot say having never eaten there. If Panamanians are working in the kitchen, I would say not. Panas hate picante or any flavor or taste in their food. Unfortunately, any quality Mexican restaurant here with authentic food will have prices similar to a French restaurant.
  6. holl1

    holl1 Member

    The best as far as service, prices, taxes (none) and quality of food is La Taqueria de Manoel on Calle 41, one block above Panama Offshore Legal Services. Only 4 tables and you can bring your own booze.
  7. panamane

    panamane New Member

    It is impossible to find good Mexican food here. There is no equivalent to the cheap taco stands you can find in other places (or if there is, please point the way). I can attest to Charro Mexicano on Calle 50 (past the Volkswagen dealership, end of street). While it's nothing special, it is better than many of the other faux Mexican/Tex-Mex restaurants here.

    They have an extensive menu. I was too scared to try the tacos al pastor because they are almost always a let down outside of Mexico. The sopa de tortilla was alright yet lacked the full assortment of ingredients (no chincharron, dried peppers, etc). There was confusion in that they did not understand that enchiladas verdes typically have a layer of melted cheese on top of the enchiladas in addition to the salse verde. Again, this place is nothing to write home about. Under these dire circumstances, however, it's worth a small mention.

    The nachos looked incredible (everyone seemed to be ordering them) although I would normally never order nachos at a Mexican restaurant. I am eager to try this Taqueria de Manuel that was mentioned. It sounds like it has potential.....
  8. panamane

    panamane New Member

    Oh, and I would not waste time with Hacienda Real in Bella Vista if one is looking for Mexican food. I went there on a recommendation and was very let down. Officially billed as a Guatemalan restaurent, I was told to go there for tacos al pastor that were similar to those in Mexico.....nope, not even close. They have a nice assortment of meats, so I would certainly go for a steak.
  9. arifazad

    arifazad Banned

    You will attending continued and harder for appropriate appetizing Mexican aliment at a reasonable amount in Panama. Certainly, they are not to be begin in Boquete. Yes, there are/were two there (Los Antojitos and La Caserona) but the aliment was abysmal.
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    Sanborn's is a cultural figure in Mexico and absolutely has abundant Mex aliment in Mexico but whether it survived the traspaso to Panama culturally and culinarily complete (quality control), I cannot say accepting never eaten there.

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    If Panamanians are alive in the kitchen, I would say not. Panas abhorrence picante or any acidity or aftertaste in their food. Unfortunately, any superior Mexican restaurant actuality with accurate aliment will accept prices agnate to a French restaurant.

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