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Discussion in 'Panama Banks' started by holl1, Dec 15, 2013.

  1. holl1

    holl1 Member

    Today is Sunday and some things need to be done, but Banistmo is closed online.....

    • [h=3]Administrar cuentas de depósito[/h]

    Operación fuera de horario.

    Por favor intenta mas tarde.


  2. globaltreker

    globaltreker New Member

    very little will get accomplished in Panama until after carnival in March. There are 3 months here when the population basically drinks and screws. The money that they steal from gringos all year long finances this activity!
  3. holl1

    holl1 Member

    Now they say this, so we'll have to have a 30 minutes hold on things here to transfer......

    Por tu seguridad las cuentas dadas de alta y/o modificadas se podrán utilizar a partir de la (s) 12:15.
  4. holl1

    holl1 Member

    Third meeting now to execute a $500 transfer (we waited 1 hour for safety)

    The default for the date is May 2013 (16th is red). In the drop down menu all months appear 2 or 3 times.

    Now it says:

    Estimado cliente, te informamos que aún no transcurre el tiempo para realizar transferencias con esta cuenta.

    Por favor intenta mas tarde.


    So I guess we are looking at a 4th meeting to make this silly transfer.

    Banistmo is looking much worse than HSBC so far. By far the worst online banking system I have dealt with in Panama.
  5. macssam

    macssam Member

    to many employees who know nothing
    colombia is the new mami now
  6. ppivar

    ppivar New Member

    Banistmo has finally, after several years, made some updates to their online platform and now it's actually workable.
  7. macssam

    macssam Member

    still spanglish
    I wonder why they are not able to produce a multilingual website
    where all pages are translated

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