Being "American" Is A Privilege And Not A Birth Right

Discussion in 'Legal Issues' started by threadbare, Feb 25, 2012.

  1. threadbare

    threadbare New Member

  2. nakedguydb

    nakedguydb New Member

    boy you gringos are such a lucky bunch having people like this helping you in life LOL
  3. Panamax

    Panamax Member

    For this "leftist" (naturalized) American, it's a choice. When I leave the States, I will not be fleeing taxes, but returning to my homeland (Panama) for retirement with a (perceived) lower cost of living...
  4. BalaBeacher

    BalaBeacher New Member

    I heard Timmy is considering moving to Pedasi and getting involved in politics. Apparently Panama's expected 9.0% GDP for 2012 is too high and its non-existent unemployment rate too low! LOL
  5. nakedguydb

    nakedguydb New Member

    the USA just spreading hope and change around the world LOL
  6. threadbare

    threadbare New Member

    Timmy the tax cheat showing up in Panama would be a terrible omen!

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