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Discussion in 'Trip Reports' started by oopsie-daisy, Jan 17, 2007.

  1. oopsie-daisy

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    Actually, travelers can of course visit Panama anytime of the year. But the best time to visit Panama is during the dry season from around mid of December to mid of April. All day rains are still rare even during the height of the wet season. The part of Panama that experiences year-round rainshowersis the northern Carribean side.
  2. trixie

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    It's really ideal to take a vacation when it's summer time on those places that has a wonderful place like beaches and lakes. Rainshowers are not new to those countries who already experienced it. Good to know that you adviced us where to go and what are the places not to be visited during rainy season in Panama. Thanks for the information.
  3. cessy

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    It is really advisable to visit Panama and enjoy all the scenery when you can go out because it is not raining. I wonder how Panama’s climate is after all the global warming.
  4. Terri22

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    The good part about visiting Panama during the wet season is that less peopel are there. If you want to avoid the tourist crowds in tourist areas, then go during the wet season.

    If you want to avoid the rain, then go for the dry season.
  5. MultiVista

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    WET? WET? WET ?
    :) :) :)

    In November it is alway wet?
    Burt only for 2 hours daily?

  6. patty

    patty New Member

    Your advise is noted. Tourists can go to more places when it is dry. I hope it is not so hot either :) Well, when it comes to traveling, most of the tourist don't mind the heat as long as they are enjoying the trip.
  7. GordonS

    GordonS Moderator

    It's relatively hot the whole year long. The choice appears to be hot and humid vs hot and dry. Depending on where you are in the country of course and your definition of "hot". If you'e from Canada and it's winter, Panama is ALWAYS hot. If you're from Canada and it's summer, then Panama is normal. Here in the Toronto area, normal temperature is pretty much the same as in Panama City on a hot day
  8. GeekZ

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    The best time to visit panama should really be up to the person - different people handle climates and people differently!
  9. Charlez

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    Yeah that's true I guess, but if it's raining it impedes you from doing certain things. So generally speaking it's best to go when it's a bit dryer especially if you plan to hit the outdoors. Although when it rains you could always go to an indoor event like a nice restaurant and so on.
  10. crisella74

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    I initially wanted to go over for New Year and combine business with a bit of a holiday but in the end decided too many business and offices would be closed for the holidays so we postponed the trip for end of January, beginning of February. Still a great time to go :)
  11. greensneakers

    greensneakers New Member

    I'm from a tropical country so I guess I can handle Panama's climate really well. Of course, I'd like to visit the place when it's not raining cause it's kind of hard to take in the sites when you can't go out to enjoy it.

    If ever we do chance upon some rain, what can we do to still enjoy our visit? :)
  12. marklee

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    I am basically from New York, and I haven't visit panama. but in upcomong vacations, I have to plan to go some where, certification is it appropriate that I visit panama at last weak of august.
  13. uday1583

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    Well to be in a sunny and dry place with beautiful beaches is the ideal place to visit and relax during winter time in the state. I grew up in a tropical country were sunshine is all year long it is really nice.
  14. GordonS

    GordonS Moderator

    You may be in for a big surprise if you're expecting Panama to be "a sunny and DRY place" :eek:

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