Bringing prescription drugs into Panama

Discussion in 'Panama Travel' started by photogirl, Apr 10, 2011.

  1. photogirl

    photogirl New Member

    When you are bringing in a small amount of prescription drugs are there any problems with going through customs, etc?

    MRWOOHOO New Member

    I had some script hydrocodone I brought with me from my hernia operation and nobody said anything. I made sure that I had them in the pill bottle with my name and script on it.
  3. photogirl

    photogirl New Member

  4. No-Non-Sense-Matt

    No-Non-Sense-Matt New Member

    In Panama -- "everything is ok" -- IF you have paperwork. People do not question paperwork. Paperwork is God.

    MRWOOHOO New Member

    Got a paper with your name and some stamp on it you are good as gold.:D
  6. No-Non-Sense-Matt

    No-Non-Sense-Matt New Member

    So true -- so true... lol.
  7. CerebralPrimate

    CerebralPrimate New Member

    I travel a fair bit and while I am not taking any large amounts of anything, I nearly always fill a 2 week daily pillbox with stuff... prilosec, omega 3 gel, multivitamin, sleeping tablets for the flights, a few aspirin and occasionally or a vicodin in case of emergencies. I've been through airports in europe, asia, the middle east and all over the US... never had anyone once ask me what those pills were. I was thinking last trip... ya know, I could literally be carrying any kind of pills and no one would ask as long as there were less than about a dozen of them.

    I'm too old to mess with anything recreational, but I did kind of wonder abuot never once being asked (I'd estimate at least 25-30 airports) what the pills were.
  8. india

    india New Member

    Hi Photogirl!
    No you will not have any problems. They do not even have to be marked. I carry alot with me including Schedule drugs and they do not ask. If you are nervous, then just make sure that they belong to you with your name. I carry mine in a big clear bag but they are never given a second glance. The reason is that Americans are considered the most drugged people on earth! Haha! No seriously, my Dr in David says that we are the most prescribed of all the nations. They expect you to bring your bag of scripts with you and they see so many of us coming back and forth that they do not even bother to look at the names on the bottles. No worry. I did get a written note from my doctor many years ago but after it was never asked, I threw it away.
    The important thing to remember is to put all and any into your carry-on and take it on the plane with you. The baggage handlers love to open a suitcase and find scripts in it. They will never make it to your destination if you pack them in a suitcase. You will have no problem, Photo.
  9. EdBowers

    EdBowers Active Member

    If you have the CORRECT paper work. The Panamanians would not have any problems observing women and children dying by the dozens for bringing the wrong paper work.

    Panamanians are by far the nastiest paper work fascists on earth. They constantly look for a missing stamp, a missing page, anything to make you suffer. It does not matter if you have 200 pages by now and have been certified by every government organization in the country. The most recent monkey in front of you will always try make the paper work process fail.

    Most of the paper work they do is not even sensible, they just do it for the sake of the paper work. Make themselves seem official and important, while in reality they are just low life garbage that distrust everyone because they are dishonest corrupt $hits themselves.

  10. india

    india New Member

    Hi Ed, how are things your way? Yes, you are correct. Even a missing stamp is a process unto itself. When you have every little i dotted and t's crossed. they will find something that will incur their service and cost. I see the racket that they have as far as ALL paperwork completed. WE were charged alot of money per page of documents, and there are alot of them. and don't forget that "seal" of approval. That one will knock you back weeks...The bottom line is that is cost alot of money to complete the process of Pensionados. and then dont forget the time that it lays around on each ones desk, forgotten until another day. But hey, after the birthing comes the child. We are in process and it is still better in alot of ways than the States. Just pay it and do it. After all, it is their country. People that dont like it are so welcome to leave. Leaves more room for me!
  11. Eloise Kieser

    Eloise Kieser New Member

    Have you heard the news that talks about drug prescription? In the news they have mentioned that patents on some very prominent brand-name prescription drugs will run out soon, and the market will flood with less expensive generics. Some drugs are about to become a lot cheaper. Some of the best-selling prescription drugs on the industry are integrated, so Big Pharma’s damage will be the public’s gain. Brand name medications to get cheaper as patents expire With the variety of over-the-counter and prescription drugs available, many consumers would like to know because of the marked difference in cost between patented name-brand drugs and generic brands. Whether it is a patent for an invention, a process or a product, the government allows certain protections to the patent holders, and that includes drug companies.
  12. Viewpoint

    Viewpoint New Member

    I have never had a problem bring both herbal supplements and prescription medicines into Panama. I buy most of my prescription medicines in Colombia because they are much cheaper in Colombia. I buy generic medication like Metoprolol (blood pressure meds) in Colombia (100mg) for $2.05 for 30 pills and in Panama City the only choice I have found is Lopresor 100mg for $14.74 for 20 pills (they both have the same active ingredient). I have never been questioned leaving Colombia or entering Panama about carrying medications or supplements in six years. One time I entered with a suitcase full of herbal supplements and they asked if I was bringing them to sell and I said no they were for my heart condition (true) and they closed the suitcase and let me pass.
  13. buzzraef

    buzzraef New Member

    I have traveled to Panama several times over the past 10 years or so, and never had a problem bringing my personal meds into/out of the country! buzz.
  14. buzzraef

    buzzraef New Member

    So, if one wants to buy meds in Columbia, does he/she have to have a script and go to Columbia to buy the meds or can this be done on the Internet? Thanks for any help in this matter, Buzz.
  15. afaqanjum228

    afaqanjum228 New Member

    I brought with me from my hernia operation and nobody said anything. I made sure that I had them in the pill bottle with my name and script on it
  16. zabi143

    zabi143 New Member

    I could literally be carrying any kind of pills and no one would ask as long as there were less than about a dozen of them.

    I'm too old to mess with anything recreational,
  17. rahnjacey

    rahnjacey New Member


    I have read that you are only allowed to bring a months worth of prescription medication through Customs without going through a lot of hassle, paperwork. However, I've also read that many people have managed to get through with much more than a months worth... and that many times, their bags haven't even been opened.
  18. shahid

    shahid New Member

    Thanks dear .
  19. caitlin

    caitlin New Member

    What kind of medications can be purchased without a prescription in Panama? Are things like heart medications, biologic (like Enbrel), tramadol? My Mom takes several different kinds and if she comes and stays with us it would be important to know so that I can be prepared if there are any problems. We are trying to come down and stay for several months in the Boquete area. Is there a good physician there we could see so we have my Mom taken care of? Thank you.
  20. macssam

    macssam Member

    why do you want to take prescription drugsand damage your healthevery child knows that prescription drugs DON'T work

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