Buying a cell phone in Panama

Discussion in 'Living in Panama' started by AlbyM, Dec 28, 2008.

  1. AlbyM

    AlbyM New Member

    Quick question for the Panama experts- I want to buy an IPhone and was wondering if they are cheaper in Panama than the States?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. exilio

    exilio New Member

    Far cheaper in the US; they're $700-800 here.
  3. AlbyM

    AlbyM New Member

    Thanks for the info. Can I buy a simm card for any brand of phone in Panama?
  4. exilio

    exilio New Member

    SIM cards are universal. I.e., if you have a GSM phone that accepts SIMs, then the ones sold in Panama (or anyplace) will work. However, your GSM phone (iPhone, in your case) will need to be unlocked before you use it on any network other than the one to which it was originally assigned.
  5. GordonS

    GordonS Moderator

    You can buy cell phones in almost any Mini-Super or Super-market or corner store very cheap. I've seen some as low as $12.00. Not sure if they come with simm cards but simm cards and a small paygo plan are very very cheap. So if you can live without the frills, you easily be talking in a few minutes after you charge up the phone.
  6. michellapa

    michellapa New Member

    i would recommend buying an iphone in the states. electronics(cell phones, plasma tv, digital cameras, etc) in panama are alot more expensive.
  7. AlexNeuman

    AlexNeuman New Member

    Just remember to either get a microSIM or a place that has a SIM cutter. Regular SIM's don't fit the newer iPhone 4/4S's. They *do* fit the older original iPhone/3G/3S models IIRC.
  8. uwprimo

    uwprimo New Member

    Do other cell phones work in PA? Let's say you have a US Sprint or Verizon. Would it be simply cheaper to go to a local PA store, buy one of the use and toss phones so you have service while you are in the country or pay for roaming?? Thx!
  9. AlexNeuman

    AlexNeuman New Member

    Paying for roaming is always absurdly expensive. Always. No exceptions.

    Sprint and Verizon use a different system than the rest of the world. Get a cheapo $10 phone and use it while you're here.

    If you want internet access you can get a GSM 3G/HSPA+ USB modem for around $80 in the US or about $120 here. You can then put in any SIM card with prepaid data (Movistar has a $8.99/3 weeks of data plan right now).

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