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Discussion in 'New Members' started by kate, Aug 12, 2009.

  1. kate

    kate New Member

    I will be purchasing a cell phone when I arrive next week - what is the most economical plan to make calls to the US? Should I buy a phone at the airport and simply keep loading with minutes?

    Thanks - Kate
  2. Contrail

    Contrail New Member

    I have lost track of the cheapest rates and Digicel have just entered the market. They are currently selling a phone (Samsung B130l dual band) for $9.99 but it is locked to their sim card. I have never found bargains at Tocumen, stuff is normally cheaper in the city. I use Cable and Wireless pay as you go, so no contract. They send two annoying texts to customers each day but if you ask them to take your number off the mailing list it removes the expiry date of your minutes as well which is very handy.

    Cheapest way to go would be skype if you bring your computer or have an iphone.
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    Welcome to Panama Forum. Enjoy your stay here...
  4. EdBowers

    EdBowers Active Member

    Bring your cell phone instead. It will work with at least one of the four operators in Panama. Claro/Digicel use a newer standard for GSM so they will work most likely. The other ones use the 850 band if I remember correctly.

    Forgot to mention - along Via Veneto you have a bunch of cell phone stores. They can unlock any phone for about 5-10 dollars. Haggle a bit.
  5. malibubarbie

    malibubarbie New Member

    GSM phones

    Some things to check out .

    If you bring your phone and want to use it, check to see that it works on the GSM networks otherwise it will not work in Panama. Once in Panama, maybe you can get a new sim card; and once the phone is unlocked you can use it with the new sim card. Or maybe it will work with the exisiting card . The cell phone guys in Panama will tell you that. Keep the old sim card to reinstall when you go home. Now you will be able to use your phone each time you come to Panama or anyplace else that has GSM. You will need to buy a pay as you go minutes card unless you want a cell phone plan. If you can get the phone unlocked for $5 to $10, that is a good deal. The unlocked phone will still work when you return home.
  6. EdBowers

    EdBowers Active Member

    I unlocked my Sony Ericsson W760a on Ebay.com for $3.88. Search ebay for item number 120410915354. All carriers are in there somewhere.

    Best, Ed

  7. BEL-AIR

    BEL-AIR Member

    Wow that is a great find ED, thank you for that, gonna put in an order in the next few days for my locked Motorola Razor...:D

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