Cell phones and data plans in Panama

Discussion in 'Living in Panama' started by bosstone, Jun 27, 2008.

  1. bosstone

    bosstone New Member

    I am coming to Panama for 1 month in July and may stay much longer depending on business. I will be spending a lot of my time in the Bocas area.

    My question is which phone service provider is best for a pocket pc phone that needs a data plan? Is there a unlimited data plan with a particular provider? How much are the data plans?

    When I arrive in Panama City is there somewhere I can go first thing to get my cellphones setup right away?

    Thanks for the help
  2. GeekZ

    GeekZ New Member

    Is your phone GSM?
  3. bosstone

    bosstone New Member

    Yes both my phones are GSM. I just need to know what options are available for data and phone service and what the cost might be.
  4. bosstone

    bosstone New Member

    So no one has any information on data plans for cell phones and what the rates are? Also which company to go with? Any help would be great as I leave in 2 days.

    MRWOOHOO New Member

    I currently use Moviestar but use a prepaid cell phone. That is 10cents a minute. I dont have any specific info outside of that.
  6. GeekZ

    GeekZ New Member

    Hmmmm, I never used a cell phone in Panama. Maybe you should talk to your current cell phone company - they may have recomendations.
  7. fxtrader

    fxtrader New Member

    I just got a proper cell phone in Panama. I used Mas Movil (+ Movil is what you'll see on a sign most likely). I got a blackberry as it's what they had in the store. They have a few blackberry models + the Moto Q (which is too big for my tastes) as far as pccket pc's/smartphones go. Anyway, I pay $40/month for 625 minutes and I think $30 for 10MB of data transfer. I also get international calling to the USA for $0.10/minute. I went to the MultiPlaza to get mine (a mall).

    If you're bringing your own phone that's great although it'll have to be GSM and "unlocked." I found out early that the quad band phone I brought which does have a sim card, wouldn't work because it wasn't unlocked. Since I am not a resident they took a copy of my passport and required a $200USD deposit as they just don't pull your credit like in the US.

    Hmm.. that's it as far as I know. Anything else just ask.
  8. GordonS

    GordonS Moderator

    Avoiding huge phone bills while travelling

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