Chase bank - My account works in Panama the same?

Discussion in 'Panama Banks' started by mikebikeboy, Nov 16, 2009.

  1. mikebikeboy

    mikebikeboy New Member

    Hi everyone,

    I've got an account with Chase here in the States. Does it work the same in Panama? Can I continue banking in the same way or do I have to set up a separate account?

    Sorry for the noobie question.


    Mike :D

    MRWOOHOO New Member

    Hi Mike, you may want to look at some of the posts EdBowers (Moderator) talks about in regards to Panama banking. He is a great resource.:)

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    You may want to setup an account down here? Depends what you need it for.
  3. EdBowers

    EdBowers Active Member

    Hi Mike,

    It's very tough for US Citizens to setup accounts in Panama these days, but a few banks should still work.

    1. You can use a US debit card to make free ATM withdrawals in Panama. Just make sure your bank in the US doesn't charge you for this. Panama loves tourism and I guess for that reason no banks charge a tack-on.

    2. You cannot deposit Panama checks to a US account - you can however go to the bank and cash it - bring your passport. Or you have them write "AL PORTADOR" on the check and anyone can deposit it.

    3. As long as you have less than 10k in the account you don't need to report it to the IRS.

    4. I would recommend having 2 account with 2 different banks while you are here and maintain less than 10k with each.

    There is no deposit insurance in Panama, but people with 10k or less get paid first (then employees and water bills and such....)

    Best wishes, Ed
  4. balboatropics

    balboatropics New Member

    It is considered a different bank. You would need to open an account with the Panama branch. Hope this helps.
  5. clarastewart07

    clarastewart07 New Member

    Well now my question is the same but opposite direction. If I open an account with Chase bank in Panama, can I still use the same account in the US?
  6. nakedguydb

    nakedguydb New Member

    are you sure chase has banks here ?
  7. BalaBeacher

    BalaBeacher New Member

    Chase Panama was sold to HSBC years ago.

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