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Discussion in 'Living in Panama' started by Dgmtexas, Mar 6, 2013.

  1. Dgmtexas

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    Hello Everybody!

    My wife and are planning on retiring in Panama. I have two questions,
    1. I presently have a license to carry a concealed gun, what is the Panama options? Can Gringo's get a similar license in Panama?

    2. I would like to find a Spanish course that is closer to the Central American dialogue, rather than Spain (Castilaion)

  2. nakedguydb

    nakedguydb New Member

    yes they can if they move here and get residency ,which usually takes a year or two depending on the type ,then you apply and that can take up to 2 years to get it oked ,also there has been a moratorium going on 3 years now that the gun store have not been able to import any new guns , it is getting very hard to find any for sale . but after you get a permit, you as a private citizen can import a gun from the states if you have all the paperwork from there . if you get caught with a illegal gun here your spanish lessons will be provided free of charge for the next 5 years , you will learn things like, bend over white boy ,and you have a real pretty mouth , all in jail house spanish LOL
  3. PanamaRuss

    PanamaRuss New Member

    Thanks for the info!
  4. globaltreker

    globaltreker New Member

    It is true what Nakedguy says. Here it will take years to aquire the means be able to defend yourself even though you are the preferred target of crime. Gringos are the easiest targets for crime because they have money, nice things in their homes and no ability to defend themselves. Home invasions and attacks against gringos are on the rise here for a reason... the locals know it is easy money!!!

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