Condos in Bocas

Discussion in 'Bocas del Torro' started by chomboblanco, Aug 17, 2010.

  1. chomboblanco

    chomboblanco New Member

  2. HOSEM

    HOSEM New Member

    You're so smart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. levelheaded

    levelheaded New Member

    Very nice animation, ... but I didn't see that condo.
    Maybe it's finished in 10 years or maybe it remains a dream.
    One of those investor dreams .... in Panama
  4. chomboblanco

    chomboblanco New Member

    As you can see it's finished.

  5. levelheaded

    levelheaded New Member

    It looks a bit different because of missing the landing stage
    Property market in Panama makes me meanwhile nervous.
    High prices and too much people lost a lot of money!
  6. chomboblanco

    chomboblanco New Member

    They're still contemplating whether they're gonna put one. FYI it was build by a European according to European standards.
  7. levelheaded

    levelheaded New Member

    In Panama I'm always careful, especially in the case of expats,
    and very especially in the case of expats from europe, they worry me the most.
    They looking all for to get my money ... and telling stories to get my money!:rolleyes:
  8. threadbare

    threadbare New Member

    hahaha 99% of everyone in Panama or any other location in the world is looking to get into your wallet. In Panama the problem is once you have been swindeled there is no judicial recourse. I agree that expats are the most clever at screwing other expats. It is quite the phenomenon that because someone speaks their language in a foriegn country people tend to trust them more. There is a reason they are called Confidence men. In Panama they will sell you property with a phoney deed, a liscenced attorney will prepare it and the govt officials will file it. only later will the real owners show up and demand you get off their property.
  9. GaryB

    GaryB New Member

    For sure. In Thailand there is the same problem. Euros will screw you quicker than a local.
  10. GuidoB

    GuidoB New Member

    Is this the guy that never got a condo permit? Seems someone on the other side of the island is going to be waiting over a year for the paperwork he was supposed to get ahead of construction start.....
  11. Captain

    Captain Member

    Isn't this the complex on La Cabana Beach?

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