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  1. mvuytowecz

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    Here is a community profile video for Coronado and the surrounding area. This is one in a series of profiles to help you discover the many areas of Panama and what they have to offer.

  2. pingun

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    If I am inside her I don't think I am inside Panama.
  3. PenoBrit

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    How about adding to the video........

    The state of the road leading into Coronado.

    The parking problems on weekends.

    The ghost town atmosphere during the week.
  4. BalaBeacher

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    That's probably the best real estate video I've ever seen on Panama properties. Congrats to for a bang up job! Other agents: Is that really so hard? Come on. Do some freakin marketing!

    Pingun: she needs to lose the belt and wear a dress that's fitted enough we don't need to guess about the figure.
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    hello friends
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    Kieth, thanks for your kind words.
  8. BalaBeacher

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  9. The ghost town thing is actually a benefit. Coronado is a nice place to be. The roads are almost all fixed up except in the back where construction is ongoing with many heavy trucks working. It is a microcosm inside Panama.
  10. BalaBeacher

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    I watched the video again and remained impressed with the polished sales tool it is, but my heart sank a bit when it went on to talk about how great Playa Blanca is, which it's not.

    But, within Gorgona / Coronado areas, what projects look like they're being properly staffed and maintained and which ones look like Bala Beach West? (D.O.A.)
  11. There is one condo that seems to have been abandoned in the middle of building it. You can see it in the video if you pay close attention. It is in Gorgona and is filmed from the Country Club building 300. The rest is fine as far as I can tell.
  12. becky7474

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    But it is so hot there.....
  13. globaltreker

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    It is hot and muggy everywhere here unless you get someplace with some elevation. Coronado also is a higher crime, target the gringo kind of area. I do use the Golf course there and it has a few good restaurants. I think Coronado is a better option for older gringo's because you are closer to the city and medical care. People living deep into the interior here have a poor chance of survival from a severe heart attack , trauma from a traffic accident or any other life threatening injury. I laugh when I see Pedasi promoted as a place for older retirees. Pedasi is a 5 hour drive (or more with 40kph speed limits) and the local clinics are not equipped or trained to handle much. Folks who want out of the noise, pollution and high prices of the city Coronado is an Option but it is no Panacea!!
  14. BalaBeacher

    BalaBeacher New Member

    Maybe tower two of Playa Serena?
  15. Right now you don't need A/C all day. It is not muggy. If you don't want hot and muggy u need to be high in the mountains where it rains all the time. Or move to Iceland.
  16. Well you tell me, I took this one just for you now. Image1.jpg
  17. Mordekha

    Mordekha New Member

    That is the Bahia Tower 2.
    And, its going through quite strong actually.
  18. BalaBeacher

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    Thanks. One thing I learned from my miserable experience with Bala Beach is that the isolated, on-the-beach tower has an advantage in one sense over the large-scale, secure compound project, namely, at least the buyer will know that beneficial enjoyment of the condo is not dependent on completion of substantial other buildings and improvements.
  19. That crane did not move in two months. Hence I thought it was abandoned.
  20. BalaBeacher

    BalaBeacher New Member

    I received pricing and unit availability information on Bahia (both towers) earlier this year. If anyone is interested, PM me.

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