Data Plan For Prepaid?

Discussion in 'Panama Travel' started by Rickmasta, Aug 20, 2010.

  1. Rickmasta

    Rickmasta New Member

    Hey Guys. I'm staying in panama for a few weeks, but for various reasons, I need a data plan on my phone.

    I'm originally with T-mobile, I have a MyTouch 3G Slide (It's is an Android OS phone). I have already unlocked it, and I'm currently using a movistar prepaid sim, but there's no data plan..

    Anyone have any Ideas? (I'd prefer 3G, but anything works)
  2. jonr

    jonr New Member

    I believe that with Mas Movil you just enter a code on the phone to enable data - at about $1/day.
  3. Rickmasta

    Rickmasta New Member

    The problem is that, for some reason mas movil doesn't work on my phone. I'm never given the option to enter the pin for the sim.
  4. Annepannetje

    Annepannetje New Member

  5. jonr

    jonr New Member

    I have to say that compared to something like Costa Rica, the fact that a visitor can come to Panama with their own phone (or buy one for $20) and get data and voice service is great. Feels safer to me knowing that friends are a phone call away. I've never had to do the "here, talk to my friend, I can't understand what you are saying" thing, but I might.
  6. Panama Dreamer

    Panama Dreamer New Member

    I was pretty much in shock to realized how cheap a cell phone can cost when I was there last year. My husband ended up buying a phone which came with air time for less than $30? It was great having the phone. We used it to call the taxi driver to pick us up from different locations. I know taxis are plenty in PC, but it was much nicer having a honest taxi driver who doesn't try to overcharge you for the fare.
    Panama Dreamer
  7. Mihail

    Mihail New Member

    Rickmasta, did you end up finding a solution? I'm in nearly the exact same situation (T-Mobile, Android device, looking for data plan for 2 weeks) and leaving on Sept 2nd.

    I'm actually going to Kuna Yala, and hope I can get some data coverage. I was planning to get away from it all, but I might be starting a new job right before leaving, and don't want to stay out of touch for two weeks.

  8. Rickmasta

    Rickmasta New Member

    I haven't found a solution. =/
  9. socoast

    socoast New Member

    Buy a C&W chip (+Movil) for $1, pay $2 for activation, sign up for the seconds plan (not the one that offers triplicates) then either borrow another phone to activate the chip or better, go to a +Movil office, and get the pre-paid data plan, which is $8.95 for 14 days.

    In my attempts to use other cellphone carriers, they don't support pre-paid data plans, only by monthly contract, unless you have a Blackberry.

    I have a US unlocked iPhone with a +Movil phone chip and pre-paid data plan, $14.95 for 30 days, and I also have an iPad with a +Movil chip in it with just the data plan.
  10. jonr

    jonr New Member

    Makes sense. In other words, if your phone doesn't support Mas Movil data, get a phone with tethering or a USB cellular modem that does.
  11. socoast

    socoast New Member

    I think it's the other way around. Any GSM phone (AT&T or T-Mobil from the US) will work as a phone on any of the Panama cell carriers, as they are all GSM too. Just swap out the US chip for a Panama chip.
    It's the availability of a pre-paid data plan for non Blackberry phones thats the problem.
    All the carriers offer data plans, but they are for contract only, except +Movil. They do offer a data plan for pre-paid numbers for any GMS phone that can send/receive data for $1/day; $8/two weeks; $15/month

    So, if you have a smartphone (or even a not so smart phone that has some data) buy a +Movil chip for it. Maybe not the best service, ok definitely not the best service, but its the only game in town for prepagos.
  12. Mihail

    Mihail New Member

    That sounds good. What's that deal about borrowing another phone? Why can't I just put the chip into my iPhone or Android phone (if they are unlocked)?
  13. socoast

    socoast New Member

    The borrowing is only for people who don't have the unlocked phone yet.

    I've set some up for friends who arrived from the us with a new phone and it was all set to go for them.

  14. socoast

    socoast New Member

    Before you leave, you might want to check out YouMail. That way, you will get an email message when someone calls your US phone number, and can go to their website to listen to the message.
    Maybe you can set up the same type of system directly with T Mobile; I don't know about that.

  15. Mihail

    Mihail New Member

    I already use Google Voice which sends my voicemails and SMS via email. It works great for traveling. :) Thanks!
  16. jonr

    jonr New Member

  17. janl

    janl New Member

    ive just gotten a usb-stick with Claro internet(subscription) 1Mb $19,95, 2Mb 25,95, 3Mb and 4Mb also available but dont remember prices for those. i took the 1Mb and its actually quite fast. getting approved was a bit of a hassle, lots of forms, signatures, and questions, but got out of the store within 1 hr, and next day i was online.

    the data on my prepaid phone was disaster. $2 got me about 1,5 minute online :s both on digicel, and on movil. however, i have to say, i didnt do the data plan activation like socast mentioned here earlier.
  18. Rickmasta

    Rickmasta New Member

    Update -- Hey guys, it's two years later, and once again I'm going to Panama again with my MyTouch 3G Slide from T-mobile. I know a lot can change in two years, and I'm wondering if there is an option for a prepaid data plan now? I know those with Blackberries can have data on their prepaid phones, is this possible for android data too?
  19. vornado

    vornado Member

    You will not be able to get 3G data on a T-mobile phone. You have the wrong 3G bands. Panama uses AT&T 3G bands.

    The only 2 android phones that I know off that will work on 3G on T-mobile and Panama are: Samsung Galaxy Nexus and the Samsung Galaxy S III.
  20. Rickmasta

    Rickmasta New Member

    Oh yes, I found that out immediately after posting that. I brought my iPhone, unfortunetly, AT&T won't unlock it, and I can't jailbreak it because of a broken button on the phone. I might just have to buy a cheap phone.

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