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Discussion in 'Legal Issues' started by holl1, Jun 17, 2013.

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  2. levelheaded

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    What did you expect? ... and of course he will! This visa program simply does not work.
    The expected millions of baby boomers stay away.

    People are not stupid or simply not able to buy in this overpriced market.
    Hell, it's Panama and not Manhattan or Singapore.

    The responsibles are so desperate for getting buyers for the overbuild condo market that they would accept the whole world ... excluding Afghanistan, Iraq and North Korea of course.
    And if necessary ... might be they selling old aunty Esmeraldas soul for satisfying the money-grubbing.

    These guys lost the grip on reality.
    They have no clue what Mr. and Mrs. Average can pay for a property and if he/she can pay,
    are they willing to pay this prices
  3. Romeo

    Romeo New Member

    Do you really think that Costa Rica was added to the list in order to encourage them to buy real estate? Do you really think everything is done for the sake of real estate? Have you lost your mind?
    Try to do something with that complex you have regarding Panamanian real estate, or else you're going to suffer a heart attack soon.
  4. globaltreker

    globaltreker New Member

    Most people with Money have it because they are smarter than the average person (there are exceptions). People who have earned their money usually can recognize value and that is what is missing from the Panama Real estate market..VALUE!!!!
  5. levelheaded

    levelheaded New Member

    Each dollar counts and each sold apartment!
    The officials think that people from CR like to hide also money in a Panama corporation.

    Guys you are so desperate because you see that your calculation "getting rich without working" is again not working that you will do try even more to attract new victims for you overpriced offers. Only therefore some of you are in this forum.

    In a Casino Capitalism only a handful of people are getting rich.
    You and you friends here belongs definitively not to this group and you will simply loose. Get used to it!
    Don't play such games and you will be fine. I know enough victims personally.

    I know several people which was lying to attract people to come until they stopped their Business in Panama and left the country, because it was a disaster.
    But after then they came up with the plain truth: Quality of life down and a loss of money.
    Now the situation is partly worse.
  6. Romeo

    Romeo New Member

    First of all Costa Ricans can buy apartments inside a corporation without applying for that visa. You don't know what you're talking about, I think you have completely gone insane. And hopelessly so.
    And if you lost money, trust me I sympathize with you, but get over it or else it's gonna hurt your health. After all, a person's health is more important than money.
  7. holl1

    holl1 Member

    They want the Costa Ricans to move here to buy property, rent property and work and pay taxes. Probably in that order. Plus they like the $5,000 that is tossed into the Panamanian economy by simply applying for it. Either way they win.

    Any foreigner can buy property in Panama using only the passport number. You don't even need a tax payer ID number.
  8. levelheaded

    levelheaded New Member

    This visa is made for average people with some money.
    The rich or real wealthy people never needed this visa.

    But average people like to stay a bit closer to that place where the have property.
    This is a very normal psychological behavior.
    And no, I didn't lose money in the property market, simply because I'm not crazy enough to buy stupid.

    Insulting me for undermining my post shows how angry and maybe desperate you are about the truth.
  9. Romeo

    Romeo New Member

    Anybody who reads my posts and yours can see who exactly is the angry person and the one insulting others.
    As I told you, get over your loss, you are destroying yourself.
  10. holl1

    holl1 Member

    Here you can see the extent of it: EN WEB/WEB 2013 VISAS DE RESIDENCIA.pdf

    It really seems to be more of marketing jingle than anything serious given the numbers.

    3,361 visas for the first 4 months out of the year of which 429 were friendly nations visas.

    One thing to keep in mind about friendly nations visas is that a lot of people with other pending visas switched mid-process.

    140 retirement visas in 4 months is nothing.

    No wonder they have the visa fairs at the stadium. They simply cannot get people to move here permanently.

  11. levelheaded

    levelheaded New Member

    Don't worry about my health condition, I'm not the one who sticks in this casino market!
    But I know enough Panamanians who are pretty angry about what is going on and they can't afford their own land or life in their city.
    In the end you guys will have to deal with them, not with me.
  12. levelheaded

    levelheaded New Member

    As far as I know the opposition party was very worried about this visa.
    They supposed that Panama would be swamped with foreigners and a lot of negative consequences.

    To the figures, In my opinion could Panama achieve dramatically better results when they would regulate the property market better. People who decide for Panama spend monthly in average $1200 - $2000 in the country and this for years.
    An expensive sold property brings the country not that much, but keeps the majority of interested people and even investors away.

    429 are absolutely insufficient and I suppose that this figures will decline because people who was waiting for years for such a chance are still in this queue now.
  13. holl1

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    Panama has 19.17 births per 1,000 people every year. At 3.5 million that comes out to 67,095 per year. Baby boomers not coming any time soon here I take it.....
  14. holl1

    holl1 Member

    The numbers are ridiculously low. 12 solvency visas per month approved? 24 retirees per month debarking the ship? 103 friendly nations visa per month?

    I have personally met more expats leaving than that.
  15. Romeo

    Romeo New Member

    They are lucky to have 12 solvency visas per month. Why would anybody tie up $300k when they can easily have the friendly countries visa.
  16. holl1

    holl1 Member

    Solvency is better if you have a 300k condo of course. It's any combo of CDs and real estate.

    Friendly nation is $1,000 more expensive as it requires a corp on the side.

  17. Romeo

    Romeo New Member

    But, with the friendly countries visa, you don't have to tie up 300k. And don't forget that the solvency is temporary as far as I remember. The moment you cash your CD or sell your property, you lose the visa.
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  18. holl1

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    If the stats hold up Panama will process 288 retirement visas for the entire year of 2013. That's world-wide, anyone from any country of earth (as far as I know) that can show a monthly pension of $1,000 per month. At first I thought it was a joke, but one can only but conclude that legal immigration is irrelevant to Panama's population growth or demographic change.
  19. nakedguydb

    nakedguydb New Member

    You a right ,sell the real estate or cash the CD and your visa is closed ,but the part about the 300k is not all bad . ln Panama they do pay interest which you dont find in North America
  20. nakedguydb

    nakedguydb New Member

    And people need to remember Panama is not the only country in the world to retire too . Also the world economy is getting worse ,not better as the spin misters want people to believe The speculators in Panama will not fair well in the future ,but mom and pop should do okey if they are looking for a place to retire

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