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Discussion in 'Living in Panama' started by Marc, Nov 25, 2006.

  1. Marc

    Marc New Member

    What's your favorite gym in Panama City?

    I've been to a few but haven't found any that I really liked.
  2. Michael

    Michael New Member

    Hi Marc! They one I like best is called PowerClub, it's across the street from the Century Tower in El Dorado. Everything is new there and they have anything you could want to work out, even a sauna and they also have a bar where you can order smoothies and the like.


  3. chris

    chris New Member

    PowerClub is the best, I haven't seen anything to get even close
  4. Laura

    Laura New Member

    I totally agree with chris. Powerclub is the gym to go to! ;)
  5. trixie

    trixie New Member

    Is there a membership options where we can get discounts? Never had an experience with gyms lately but I know some really offers membership or maybe all so that you can be prioritized but there's a lot too that doesn't offer membership here in our country.
  6. cessy

    cessy New Member

    My friend is moving to Panama and he is a member of Gold’s gym. Is there a branch of Gold’s gym in Panama? And is it possible to extend the services of that gym to other countries? I think he has advance payment for a year.
  7. trixie

    trixie New Member

    You should get better results Cessy if Gold's Gym has a branch in Panama too. Why not try to ask the local gym also, I know they can provide the list of their branches even if it's outside the country.
  8. MikeK

    MikeK New Member

    There is no Gold's Gym in Panama. They are in Costa Rica, Guatemala, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, even Haiti, but not in Panama.

    Powerclub does look like the best choice unless someone has a better recommendation.
  9. cooltraveler2

    cooltraveler2 New Member

    My favorite gym is home. I have a weight bench with a barbell and dumbells at home. I use that to workout. For cardio, I just run, cycle, and swim. I prefer it that way, because I can workout anytime I want, and do it in the privacy of my own home without the bother of traveling to a gym.
  10. Frank

    Frank New Member

    When you travel, you can use a hotel gym. The hotel where I´m staying has a gym but it´s extremely small. The next time I will stay somewhere else. Which hotels have the best gyms in Panama?
  11. mariee

    mariee New Member

    Some of the gyms at hotels aren't very good, especially if you want to lift weights. It's easier to find cardio machines than it is to find good weights.
  12. randy

    randy New Member

    I have yet to find a hotel in Panama City with a reasonably well equipped gym. I simply go to Power Club twice a week when I'm in Panama.
  13. craigguy

    craigguy New Member

    Honestly, it all depends on what kind of gym you want. Are you a bodybuilder or a novice? Do you want aerobic or anaerobic exercise? Do you want a place that's popular, or a place that's not so crowded.
  14. MonAmb

    MonAmb New Member

    My relatives that have visited Panama before said they went to a gym called 'Sport-Tek'. They said it is a very nice gym that offers it all. It's extremely clean, staff are very polite and there is plenty of staff around for help. They also said that the Cardio machines have their own LCD TV with remote control, how cool is that?
  15. coolandhot

    coolandhot New Member

    Is it actually called Sport-Tek, or is the name in Spanish?

    Thanks for the recommendation!
  16. lee

    lee New Member

    Is it located in Av. Argentina? I think I passed it once.
  17. nuaeman

    nuaeman New Member

    can I know..
    how much does it cost per hour?
    how with about it screenview at there?
    it is interesting?
  18. miki2008

    miki2008 New Member

    Sounds like PowerClub is the winning gym.
  19. LoneWolfTrader

    LoneWolfTrader New Member

    How about Swimming Pools and Squash Courts?

    I really like to swim, and play squash. Do any of the gyms offer this. What about other gyms or clubs outside of Panama City?

    I could probably live without the squash courts if I really had to, but if I can't swim lanes everyday, that could be tough! Any ideas? Thanks in advance. :)

  20. claude

    claude New Member

    Many apartment buildings have a swimming pool, that could be the best solution. I don't know any gyms that have a swimming pool, sorry. In some hotels you can try to use the pool even if you're not a guest.

    I never find a squash place in Panama City but some of the very expensive apartment buildings have them. You can't enter without living there or an invitation from someone who lives there.

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