Discussion in 'Chiriquí' started by Satyr, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. Satyr

    Satyr New Member

    I will be moving to Volcan around March with my roomies. I am wondering what the common breed of chickens, cows, and goats are? Also, is it easy to buy the chickens and goats?
  2. PanamaExpat

    PanamaExpat New Member

    Are you high or something? You keep making new posts and asking the same questions.
  3. Satyr

    Satyr New Member

    I keep making posts to put the question in the right spot, and to improve chances of them getting answered, since people are replying but not about my question.

    EDIT::: I also felt it appropriate to ask the province I'll be living in, rather than addressing the country as a whole.

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