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Discussion in 'Panamá the Province' started by Bernard, Nov 27, 2006.

  1. Bernard

    Bernard New Member

    Has anyone here been to La Chorrera? I was told it's a good place to live if someone doesn't want to live in a big city (Panama City), yet still wants to be close to it?
  2. panamalover

    panamalover New Member

    I've been to Chorrera a few weeks ago but it didn't seem like a place I'd want to live. I saw some ads for real estate developements in the vicinity, you might want to check out those.
  3. cessy

    cessy New Member

    If it were not that advisable for living, would it be a good place to spend a few days vacation? Could you recommend a good place to stay or to hang out?
  4. harold

    harold New Member

    Personally, I wouldn't want to spend my vacation in La Chorrera! It's more like a pretty average town just for living or passing through.
  5. cessy

    cessy New Member

    I see. But if it unavoidable to stay there for a couple of days is there any place where you can spend some idle hours like a mall or a nearby church?
  6. oopsie-daisy

    oopsie-daisy New Member

    I haven't been to La Chorrera but I would rather suggest not to choose it for a vacation place. According to reports, there have been so many reported accidents in that town for the past few years. The biggest problem in that area is the Pan American Highway where driving laws are mostly not enforced and drunk driving is very common. So, to fully enjoy your stay in Panama, it is best adviced to do researches first before choosing a location to stay in. Or you can ask people to help you decide.
  7. trixie

    trixie New Member

    It would be better if we really do have to research first on those places that we want to go. Not all provinces near the city would be a very good place to take a vacation or stay for good because of the rumors. Glad to have informative people around here.
  8. cessy

    cessy New Member

    I hope this place would be able to develop. That way, it would be able to boost their tourism since they would be having more interesting places wherein tourists would be able to visit.
  9. boegunn

    boegunn New Member

    I would be interested in corresponding with anyone living in the La Chorrera area. I have a house in Costa Verde {"The Hills" project)..and would appreciate knowing more about the day to day life in this area. Also, anybody with more information on the project "The Hills" in Costa Verde.. especially with updated info newer than December2010 would be greatly appreciated.

  10. janl

    janl New Member

    I drove thru La Chorrera when i went to Playa Corona, and i wouldnt wanna spend time there at all, regardless of holiday or living. It's a dump. But drive on 15-20 more minutes towards Coronado and things start getting really nice, with lots of little beachtowns!
  11. Rickmasta

    Rickmasta New Member

    I spend my time in Chorrera with family while I'm on vacation. While it may not be suggested place if you're looking for a higher standard of living; It's nowhear as awful as these users are describing it. There are plenty of expensive communities being built right outside of the town. The higher priced communities generally means better community (People wise).
  12. mujer

    mujer New Member

    As the water has cut off again in La Chorrera, I want to warn people about that aspect when they're thinking of buying here. The water goes off regularly - and without advance warning. So you may be taking a shower or washing clothes - and there it goes. It shut off 4 times in May and 5 times in June (that I know of). It's usually off 2 - 3 hours. When it comes back on, sometimes it's not clean. So to the promoters who say you can drink tap water in Panama, I say - Oh Yah? I would never drink the tap water here. Someone who lives in Arraijan (a few minutes away) says the electricity goes off there. A friend who lives in another area nearby has had the sewer back up in her home 4 times in the past year. It also backs up in the street there. So, a warning to anyone thinking of buying in this area, check it out thoroughly.
  13. nakedguydb

    nakedguydb New Member

    gee maybe thats why people put those black 300 gallon water tanks on stands in their back yards to make up for water prolbems
  14. ChiriquiSunset

    ChiriquiSunset New Member

    LOL. Chorrera is not a vacation spot. It's a dump. It's like going to Los Angeles and asking if you should stay in Compton. It's a big, loud no.
  15. globaltreker

    globaltreker New Member

    yeah the place is a dump loaded with Pana trash!!
  16. blake40

    blake40 New Member

    La Chorrera is excellent if you live on the ocean side of the autopista. the view, the breeze and the largest and newest shopping mall in the country are within 5 minutes. Take a look at to see a good spot to live in La Chorrera. The photo below was taken from my front porch at La Casa Fredrick. The island, in the photo, is over 20 miles away

    By the way, La Chorrera is not a vacation town but the perfect spot to be just outside of the city and close to the beaches.
  17. Snow White

    Snow White New Member

    What alarm system do you use in your house? Thank you.

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