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Discussion in 'Living in Panama' started by davidp, Jan 31, 2011.

  1. davidp

    davidp New Member

    So you can mail a letter from the Panama Post Office to the US. I sent one letter, and it showed up 7 days later. (Stamp cost the same as in the US).

    Is this reliable? Do a lot of people use this service?

    (Is this a service from the Canal Zone days, or is this normal from other countries?)
  2. EdBowers

    EdBowers Active Member

    The worst delivery time from Panama to US I have experienced is about 35 days.

    That would be for registered mail - postage plus 60 cents. Non-registered mail could be slower on an average.

    I use it for all non-critical and non-time sensitive mailings.

  3. nakedguydb

    nakedguydb New Member

    i sent a letter to Canada once and it got there in 8 days , postage was real cheap and they even gave me a tracking number . i was impressed ,
  4. davidp

    davidp New Member

    Tracking number? Whoa - didn't know you could do that. How much extra did that cost?
  5. nakedguydb

    nakedguydb New Member

    if i remember right it was under $2 to send it , DHL wanted $50 to do it overnight . nothing i send is in that big a hurry LOL

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