Marijuana legality?

Discussion in 'Legal Issues' started by Kian, Mar 12, 2009.

  1. Kian

    Kian New Member

    Is using marijuana legal in Panama? In US marijuana is being used in cookies as appetizer, but if you use it over it only becomes illegal. How about in Panama? Is it totally illegal?
  2. exilio

    exilio New Member

    Totally illegal. And you do *not* want to visit a Panama prison.


    MRWOOHOO New Member

    A small amount and a $20 bribe you are probably ok. I heard of a person getting caught with an oz of coke, paid the cops $150, police gave the coke back. I will stress I would not want to get caught and have to deal with that type of situation. The police and government realize that many people coming here are doing drugs and there have been many instances police get caught dealing.
  4. ford007

    ford007 New Member

    Crazy situation... Anyway why should anyone want to smoke Marijuana? The cops are too corrupt in Panama.. else those who smoke it would be in jail for many many years.. Especially if they are arrogant enough to use a banned substance in a foreign country.
  5. exilio

    exilio New Member

    Woohoo's story may be true, but I hope to god it is not taken as advice. I've got nothing against drugs -- to me, it's a personal choice -- but to exercise that choice in Panama could cost you bribe money, or it could cost you months (or years) in one of the worst prisons this side of Africa. Even if you are innocent, it doesn't matter; guilt is presumed in this legal system. And, that system moves verrrrrrrrrrry slowly: you will sit in prison for at least 3 months waiting for your case to come to trial.

    Btw, I have a drug story of my own: That "friendly" surfer selling you herb turns around and tells the police. He's now got your money, plus a reward from the cops, plus his pot back. Happens all the time. Yeah, you might get out of the situation with a bribe -- but if that cop has had a bad day, or found out his wife just cheated on him with a gringo like you, or is under pressure from his boss -- off to jail you go.

    Finally: Crime has been on the upswing in Panama in the past year, and we can expect that the government will react with increased severity in punishing all crimes; this has already been seen with random passport checks of tourists. In this atmosphere, giving them *any* additional excuse to haul your butt off to jail is, imho, very, very, very stupid. If you want to get a buzz on, stick to booze; it's cheap here. :)


    MRWOOHOO New Member

    To all that read this thread, please note I don't condone the use of drugs here and if you get caught you can wind up in a major heap of trouble. Do the police really want to arrest a foreigner for smoking a joint, probably not. Can they, yes they can.
  7. Annepannetje

    Annepannetje New Member

    Is it legal to use marijuana in cookies in USA?? never knew that.
    Here in Holland marijuana is (kind of) legal and if i see the problems we get with stoned tourists in Amsterdam I can understand Panama want to stay out keep of that kind of problems.

    I saw a lot of backpackers in Bocas using marijuana, but also a Panamanian selling it who got caught: not funny!
  8. exilio

    exilio New Member

    Kian is wrong; Marijuana is illegal in the US, in any form. However, some states permit the cultivation, sale, and use of marijuana for medical purposes, with a doctor's prescription.

  9. jwr2001

    jwr2001 New Member


    The use of marijuana has been decriminalized in a couple of states in the USA.
  10. exilio

    exilio New Member

    Yes, but "decriminalized" does not mean "legal"; it means that, in 12 states, the penalty for possession of a limited amount is now a "misdemeanor," "civil violation," or "petty offense."

    But you are right about one state: Alaska. There, the possession of less than an ounce in your home *is* legal. See Marijuana Laws for all 50 states - Pass Your Drug Test .com

  11. jwr2001

    jwr2001 New Member


    Thanks for the info on the status of marijuana use in the USA. I think everyone knows the difference between decriminalized and legal.

    MRWOOHOO New Member

    New York State

    It seems as though since there has been "somewhat" of a change in DC that the US maybe lightening up on enforcement
    With the current economic woes and constant exploding prison population that costs a fortune, the US just may slow down on the arresting everybody for minor marijuana infractions. If that is the case you may see a ripple effect south of the US border? I have heard many people say that if things were totally legalized the trade would end because of a lack of profit?
  13. Kian

    Kian New Member

    Thank you guys for the info!
  14. BEL-AIR

    BEL-AIR Member

    According to many sites I read, there are some very serous talks about legalizing all drugs in a few Central and south American countries this year.

    The LEAP, Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, wants to legalize drugs to.... They are made up of over 12,000 police officers in the united States..

    LEAP: US FL: Column: Begin Discussion On Legalizing Drugs

    LEAP - Law Enforcement Against Prohibition - Cops Say Legalize Drugs

    Law Enforcement Against Prohibition - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    I don't do drugs ever in my life, but this would clearly be a step in the right direction, with drugs legalized, all the drug profits would be gone...

    Here is a video...

    Law Enforcement Against Prohibition

    YouTube - Law Enforcement Against Prohibition
  15. Kian

    Kian New Member

    Oh thanks for these links!.....:D
  16. PanAm1

    PanAm1 New Member is a very, very, very conservative web site. For real information, surf the web. Panama can be a great tourist destination for all.
  17. balboatropics

    balboatropics New Member

    Mexico legalized small quantities of drugs. Don't care for them myself.

    MRWOOHOO New Member

    I had heard about Mexico legalizing small quantities. Let's face it, somebody lighting up a joint is probably the least of their problems.
  19. balboatropics

    balboatropics New Member

    Ha. yes, Mexico does not have the time to worry about MJ. But it seems to be working out for them. Maybe more people, since they don't have to be scared of the police, will be honest about who their dealers are and lead the gov toward catching the cartels/big dealers.

    MRWOOHOO New Member

    Mexico has turned into a really bad place to be and much of the problem is the police. Stories are coming out the police are responsible for murder, rape, kidnapping, drug dealing, etc. Bodies are continuing to pile up and I really don't see the big "Win" in the situation.

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