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Discussion in 'Living in Panama' started by fxtrader, Jul 26, 2008.

  1. fxtrader

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    Wow, it seems that I'm full of questions (and boredom, booze and a few other things) tonight. My last question for the night is, is ther any sort of combat sports gym in Panama City? I was an (albeit very) amateur MMA fighter as a hobby in the states. Mainly Muay Thai and freestyle wrestling but I'll take what I can get here in Panama. Does such a thing exist? Really just a gym with a few knowledgable people would cut it, but the more advanced and technical the better. Any disciplines... Anyone?
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    EDIT: Nevermind. I found some.
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    How much a month for the jiu-jitsu? I would not mind trying that myself.... I could not find it on the website...
  6. fxtrader

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    No clue. I'm actually in Houston right now. I'll run by when I get back.
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    Just thought everyone would like to know that Eskrima - Arnis has finally made it to Panama. Check out the website Artes Marciales. If you don't know what Arnis is, look at the videos on the website. Basically, much of the combat scenes you see in action movies like The Bourne Identity trilogy and many other movies are choreographe by Arnis masters.
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    I'm in the MMA/UFC business and have heard that the sport has grown a lot in Panama. I'll be there in 2 weeks and will be shooting a documentary and talking to fighters, and to train. I'll put some info in here when I get back.
  10. Mista Ry

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    MMA is finally starting to catch on here. A few years ago I couldn't pay people to watch UFC events with me. Now when they hear "Jon Jones" their eyes light up and they start shadow boxing.

    I'd love to start training...boxing, muy thai, jiu-jitsu...anything really. But sadly there are NO options in the interior. Penonome only had 2 regular gyms just a year ago, one inside a house and one since closed. Nicer ones are finally getting here but as far as sport-specific gyms...we're still far far behind.
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    How is Penonome? I am taking another scouting trip down in Jan and looking for a good base to explore central Panama this time.

    Try and find a like minded friend and take turns being the instructor. There are tons of step by step videos on youtube, just pick a move, learn it then when you meet with your friend go over the new moves as well as the ones from the last session.

    Then afterwords just freeroll and work on trying to integrate everything you know. Free-rolling also helps with cardio, strength as well as you get in positions you don't know any submissions from or how to escape so it gives you real examples of moves to go back to youtube and learn for the next session

    It helps to have a device close at hand so you can view the video as you are going over it with your friend because what seems like an easy move is much harder once you try it on another person and the technique matters.

    I know several groups that train like that and its pretty effective. If you start this, let me know and when I am around I would love to swing in and train.
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    It's pretty ok every since the invention of the dog filtering earplugs. Apparently researchers have been able to narrow down the frequencies and simply remove all of them.

    If you don't want to use them you can always live in the downtown area but remember to install "vibration free" windows all around.

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    Penonome is pretty much the perfect example of an average Panamanian town. A city outside of "the" city, with very little foreign activity or influence. Honestly if I had the choice, I would have settled down further West where there's more of an outside influence and people are little less...rural.

    But it's alright here.
  14. sjc

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    How far west, like the Santiago area?

    I am looking for a good spot to use to explore more and the only requirement I have is high speed internet access as I need to work while I am down there
  15. Mista Ry

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    I'm currently working in Anton and just did a speed test for you. We're currently at 1.65 mbps. If it's that fast here I don't think you'll have a problem in bigger cities like Penonome and Santiago.

    Strictly from word of mouth, I'd recommend somewhere in Boquete. But I've never been, so I don't want to say anything certain. Penonome is fine, honestly. You get the real Panama experience.
  16. holl1

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    Like standing in line for 3 hours to withdraw your quincena 26 times a year rather than shelling out $5 for a sistema clave card? Exactly what is the real Panama experience?

  17. Mista Ry

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    What's with all the rude posts? This is my first day posting here and you've got a really nasty attitude, holl1. Stop quoting me in every thread I post in if all you have to say are negative things about the country I live in.
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    Reality is rude and nasty eh? I'll assume that's your "Panama Experience" then.

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    hi there,i just came accrossed this forum as i am looking to re locating to costa rica where i already have some students or panama and teaching martial arts, and hand to hand combat systems there.what is the city and other areas like,is there a good niche for a martial arts can find more about me on my site have been training over 42 years.i teach bruce lees jeet kune do,filipino martial arts (like kali,escrima,and kun tao),silat,african ruah,boxing,kickboxing,muay thai,various grappling arts,mma,and much more. thanks for your time.
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