middle class areas in Panama City? and real estate prices there?

Discussion in 'Living in Panama' started by catalanenlatam, May 10, 2012.

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    Hi there folks! Im new in this forum, so here my first post comes!
    Most probably I will be moving to PC for job reasons and I dont know much about which are the best areas to live.
    Could you tell me the areas where middle class lives?
    And what about an apartment with 2 bedrooms in any of those areas? how much in average? (not a crappy but not a luxury condominium neither)
    Thanks a lot!
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    Middle class Panamanians in the range 25-40 still live with their parents as the parallel economy has outgrown them. There is no middle class in Panama as middle-class jobs such as nurses, accountants, AC technicians, teachers, "relationship managers" at banks, veterinarians are all paid less than $750 per month. An amount which in itself can only pay for a slum dwelling within city limits.
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    The middle class in Panama is made up of small business owners and entreprenuers from Venezuela and Colombia. I am constantly amazed at the lack of ambition by the Panamanian people in general. A clerk at a hotel is very content to do that their entire life, they have no desire to become the owner of the hotel someday.
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    if that kind or professionals earn less than 800 bucks, who lives in all those nice condos all over the city??? all expats??? how many % of expats in pc? anybody knows?
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    Most of those condos are empty hence the dark buildingas at night. It is difficult to ascertain how many expats live in Panama because many are actually living there on Passports at tourists. There are alot more condos and even more hotel rooms coming online soon in Panama. To be sure all those units weren't built with the average Panamanian family in mind.
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    A lot of the middle class Panamanians that I know live in Chorerra and Arraijan. The bus in to work. Some live in shared apartments in the city. If I was coming to Panama to work I would look in an area close to work since the traffic is horrible in the city. I will never get used to a daily 12 mile trip taking an hour or two. There lots of middle class priced apartments and homes to choose from in many parts of the city.
    Expats are all over the country, in tiny little homes to mansions. In my small building alone there are expats from Germany, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Canada, U.S., Africa, Syria, Greece, Holland, Curacao, Argentina, Bonnaire, Venezuela, San Martaan and Ste. Martin, and Panamanians. I work with mostly Panamanians but others are from Turkey, Spain, South Africa, Chile, Dominican Republic, and North America.
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    The Urbanisations like Chanis or Santa Elena are also very secure areas.
    San Francisco is save in ALL areas, I lived there for 2 years, also is El Dorado.
    Also secure are Punta Paitilla, Costa del Este and nearly every other district which is just minutes away from the shore...
    The bigger question is if you can afford the rent for those areas, there mostly very expensive.

    And one note to those of you who are thinking that most parts of PC aren't secure:

    Mostly I don't drive but use a bus or take a long walk through the city, and even I'm not fluent in Spanish I never had any problems,
    considering a few very simple rules:

    -Don't wear clothes which are looking very expensive,
    -Don't wear any jewelry, approximately a cheap wristwatch
    -Don't show your Blackberry or Smartphone
    -NEVER show a bundle of money! Always have some 1 Dollar notes in your trouser-pocket to avoid that somebody can see more than a few Dollar.

    Wearing some Grand in clothes, jewels or technical devices will cause you problems in most parts of the world, even in your hometown.

    The only part of town where a foreigner should NEVER go is Chorillo, VERY dangerous!
    During the dark hours he should avoid to walk in San Miguelito or Rio Abajo (driving there is OK).

    Saludos y Bienvenidos a Panama.

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