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Discussion in 'New Members' started by Barry Norman, Feb 7, 2012.

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    We are from California. Very excited to make our way to Panama. I'm retired at the moment do to the crash on construction. My wife is retired after 27 years at the newspaper. Our plan is to move to Panama for 174 days and check out the country in hopes of finding our paradise to retire in when the time comes. David area at the moment seems to be the place for us to start. We scuba dive and golf so we want to be in range of both. We don't want to live in a closed community. We would rather live out of town but close enough to town to enjoy a night at dinner if we choose to do so. We have still questions unanswered but we're doing a lot of research before our trip over in July. any pointers, advise, tidbits of info are more than welcome. By the way Pedesi would be our choice IF it had a golf course close. Hope to here from a few of you.
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    Hi Bkndiver and welcome to Panama Forum!
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    I am not aware of much golf in Chiriqui although I live in PC. There is a new 18 hole course in Boquete called Boquete Cielo I believe and it is $60 a round. Not cheap. I am not sure it is finished. I heard they are building a new course around the Boca Chica area near the coast if you like golfing in the heat and humidity. There is a nine hole executive course in Valle Escondido but I am not sure it is real golf so to speak. That's all I know.

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