Olympic sized pools in Panama (50m)

Discussion in 'Living in Panama' started by holl1, Jun 26, 2013.

  1. holl1

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    I only know about 3 Olympic sized pools. One is in Kiwani's in Clayton, one next to the loteria building in Calidonia (the water is actually better than the building radiates) and the PowerClub in Panama Pacifico.

    Kiwani's is $3 for normal people, $2 for people in ciudad de saber and $1.5 for retirees. PanaDeportes in Calidonia is free - no place to relax. PowerClub is $15 but they have no lanes so best to go when no one else is there.
  2. Suarez

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    So my best bet is to go to the one in Clayton?
  3. holl1

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    PowerClub should be best if you buy a monthly membership (and use it....). It's a brand new facility. Depends on where you live I guess. They have no lane dividers though, which is a big hassle when it gets crowded. 6 people seem to be a comfortable max in the pool if you are a lap swimmer since people cannot seem to keep a straight line.
  4. Suarez

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    Both Kiwani's and PowerClub sound like the best options, so $15 a month for the PowerClub what does that include? Gym membership? Or is it strictly the swimming pool?

    Also I like the sound of Powerclub being in Panama Pacifico (Old Howard) It's much closer to me than Clayton.
  5. Suarez

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    Just an update, I was quoted $44 USD a monthly membership contract for one year with a $100 one time membership fee. Contract is for one year, all PowerCLUB gyms in Panama honor same memberships just as Gold's Gym in the U.S.

    Not a bad deal. I updated this for anyone out there wondering and trying to find prices online. Which you won't unless you read this.

    Here is their official website with all the gyms accessible included in the membership.
    PowerCLUB | Sucursales (In Spanish)

    The gym in Panama Pacifico includes the Olympic Sized pool with the memembership.

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