Panama GPS Map - Which one to buy?

Discussion in 'Living in Panama' started by leonoe, Jun 4, 2012.

  1. leonoe

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    Hello All,

    I am new to this forum and came across this forum while searching for a GPS Map for my Garmin - I will be traveling to Panama and plan to rent a car to explore several areas and need a good GPS map. Reading several forum posts as well as info from other sites, there seems to be some controversy between two different companies calling themselves "PTY-GPS" and their owners. Here are the links to the 2 websites:

    PTY GPS Home

    PTyGPS GARMIN Panama MAPS $45 V 3.3.8

    Can someone please tell me which of the 2 websites is the appropriate one to order the GPS map? :confused: I'm not looking to rehash the controversy, simply an answer to which one is the legitimate source map...

  2. bicar

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    I'd go with the first one...I believe that is the original developer.
  3. holl1

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    The second one says Released 17 July 2011.

    That means not a single road direction can be correct in the city anymore.
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  5. leonoe

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    Thanks for the replies... I also believe that the first one (PTY GPS Home) is the real one but am concerned that the latest update is from July 2011.

    Are there any other sources of good GPS maps for Panama other than PTY-GPS? I frankly do not want to take a chance with either website and rather go with another solution if possible... Even if I have to buy a GPS when I get to Panama.

    Any advice is appreciated... Thanks
  6. holl1

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    For $45 why don't you do everyone a service and buy both and nail down a detailed review here.

  7. leonoe

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    Because I joined this forum to avoid having to buy both! :) It's less about the money and more about which one works. I'll be jumping off my flight, getting into my rental car and need for my GPS to work immediately with the correct directions to get me around. I do not have the luxury of uploading different maps to see which one works or is better...
  8. TennVol

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    This is the legitimate website/vendor for the program: PTY GPS Home

    I have Steve's program and I've received several updates from him over the years. I've spoken to Steve several times on the phone and he's been very helpful on loading the maps and the updates to my Garmin units. Steve is the owner/programmer/designer & he is a Brit, so there is no language barrier when speaking to him. He also answers his emails very quickly!

    I've used both of my GPS units multiple times on multiple trips and they've been a life saver. Buy with confidence.
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    If you have a smartphone and a data plan, you could use the App Waze. You can find it here: Free GPS Navigation with Turn by Turn - Waze . It is actually very good, it gives you real time traffic reports and it is free.
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  11. Rob J

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    I can STRONGLY suggest which one NOT to buy: I made the mistake of buying one of their GPS maps for Garmin. I received the SD card and got it all installed, but obviously could not try it out before leaving for Panama. It is the most worthless thing I have ever used. It finds almost NO town...spelled in English OR in Spanish. It does not track at all well even when it finds the location you are trying to go to. The turns show up early or late, and then you find yourself paralleling the intended road, with the Garmin constantly trying to reroute. I contacted the company and it has been interesting to say the least. First, they said I obviously was simply using a cheap Garmin (it wasn't when I bought it (Nuvi-255W)). It tracks and works perfectly in the States. Next, it was that I simply didn't know how to use a GPS (been using GPS for many years and have been through a number of models of both Garmin and Magellan, not to mention the factory installed ones in my vehicles. Next it was "well, the Embassy and other agencies love my product". Then it got pretty nasty(er). He began to question my honesty and integrity (said I was simply trying to get a free GPS map). I explained that as a retired US Navy Commander that I prided myself in my integrity and that I didn't reach that milestone in my career by trying to "get things I hadn't earned, for free". To which he responded (a direct cut and paste):
    How in the world did you find your way around the world if you can't navigate a simple Garmin GPS? I have lived and traveled all over the world and did not waste my time joining the Military. I used my intelligence to develop many US Muliti-Million Dollars companies. I do this simply as a service to people wanting to travel to Panama. I pride myself in quality, I have been retired for over 17 years, and paid more in taxes in one year than you made in your entire life. So you dont impress me a single bit. Please consider this my last email. I have spent enough time wasting it on someone who can't even navigate a $100 GPS...

    Anyway, as I said, it is totally worthless to me, but if you have a "high(enough)-end Garmin, go ahead and give it a try, but just realize the calibre of person running the company you will be dealing with.

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