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Discussion in 'Living in Panama' started by fouzie, Oct 15, 2008.

  1. fouzie

    fouzie New Member

    Hello, I want to know where is the most dangerous area in panama that should be avoided, especially for tourist and expat?
  2. Charlez

    Charlez New Member

    I've read that Colon is one of the dangerous areas.

    The crime rate appears to be high there, and it's not recommended to stay there too long. If you happen to arrive there via a cruise ship for instance it's recommended to take a taxi to get out or use one of the tour guides.
  3. ford007

    ford007 New Member

    I don't think Colon is the most dangerous place. I have heard Colon receives more tourist arrivals than Panama City. But all this said, I've never been to Colon and so, I am not sure. Crime is a bit of problem all over Panama, although compared to the other Latin American nations, it is within the limits.
  4. Charlez

    Charlez New Member

    Well it might not be one of the most dangerous places, but it seems that there is some significant crime activity there. I took a look at the US government travel guide site and it mentioned that Colon had a high crime rate. The problem seems to be youth gangs, and unfortunately this is a problem that stretches far beyond just Panama. It's sad that the youth is going down this path.
  5. ford007

    ford007 New Member

    Unfortunate. I was planning to visit Colon in near future. May have to think about it again, especially since I will be traveling alone. I think I can replace Colon with some other tourist attractions.
  6. didonko

    didonko New Member

    I am also interested in this question. As reading from above I will try to avoid going to Colon because of the crime rate...However I will try to enjoy my stay in Panama as much as I can.
  7. crisella74

    crisella74 New Member

    When you say "high in crime" what kind of crime you refer to? I mean it's robbery, pickpocketing or are we talking about serious crime like rape, kidnapping, murder etc.?
    There are kind of crime, such as pickpocketing, that can be avoid by just being vigilant and I think you will find that those kind of crimes are well spread in any city in the world.
  8. fouzie

    fouzie New Member

    What I means from dangerous is the one that will endanger a person's life. It could be from serious crime that involves murdering (robbery could end up in murdering too)
  9. Charlez

    Charlez New Member

    I took another look at the travel guide again to give you a better answer and it's not too specific, but it did say something about armed robberies, muggings, so the main problem seems to be theft related. So not much murders going on, but you might get a gun pointed at you over some cash for instance which is not good..

    As for avoiding it altogether, if you're going to have family with you or young kids it might not be worth putting them at risk over a few attractions there. If not, then you might want to still visit it assuming you're feeling adventurous and are willing to take precautions and stay alert. Following those guidelines you should be fine. I've been to dangerous areas in Central America as well as in the US before and nothing bad happened to me.
  10. crisella74

    crisella74 New Member

    That's true. I mean I believe in destiny, faith or however you want to call it but on the other hand... why tempt destiny? :)
  11. fouzie

    fouzie New Member

    If in a condition that we need to go to that area, Can we hire a bodyguard to travel into insecure area? Or maybe we can ask the police officer to guard us?
  12. lavisreekanth

    lavisreekanth New Member


    I think Panama City Streets can be dangerous. I am not sure. I came to know through my friend. Is that true???
  13. crisella74

    crisella74 New Member

    Well hiring a bodyguard might give you piece of mind but probably would make a bigger hole in your pocket then rubbery lol
    I never tried asking a policeman to guard me anywhere, I don't think they would actually chaperon anybody but you never know... you might find one that has a particularly good day and doesn't mind helping out :)
  14. ford007

    ford007 New Member

    I have never considered that option. Well I'd like to visit Darien and under current security situation it is extremely likely. Do you have any experience in hiring bodyguard in Panama? I am seriously considering the move right now.
  15. No-Non-Sense-Matt

    No-Non-Sense-Matt New Member

    Most dangerous spots are...

    If you have the right contacts you can hire your own
    full time police officer to be with you for around $500 to $700 a month.

    Actually most of the MOST dangerous areas are basically
    in the city.

    Chorrillo is dangerous enough that police won't go unless
    they are 4 or more. This is RIGHT NEXT to Casco Viejo.
    which makes Casco Viejo a fairly dangerous place if
    you wander around.

    Curundu is perhaps the MOST dangerous area.
    Walk in there by yourself and you'll be lucky
    to be alive. This is where most gangs live
    and "fight it out".

    I've been to Colon and I felt A LOT safer
    than the 2 places above.

    That being said, I've had a good friend and his
    girlfriend robbed at gun point in front of Punta
    Pacifica by 2 young kids.

    Be aware, everywhere.
  16. crisella74

    crisella74 New Member

    I can't tell you about Panama but we actually had bodyguards in Pakistan, I don't know how much they were as they were hired by my husband's company. Mind you, this was a very long time ago, before any of this trouble in Middle East started, so it was more of a show off case, but very cool anyway. Pakistan is actually a very peaceful country if you get to know it so we never "tested" their usefulness but I would imagine it does make a huge difference, especially if they have a uniform and are allowed to have a gun (not sure what the law on this is in Panama).
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  17. Charlez

    Charlez New Member

    Well I'm sure there's bodyguard services out there, but that might be a bit too extreme. And honestly if you NEED a bodyguard to visit an area for tourism purposes then there's probably nothing nice to see there to begin with. Also, having the bodyguard might just attract more attention as the people might think you are wealthy. It's best to wear very casual clothes when going there, and remain calm yet alert.
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  18. Mackenze

    Mackenze New Member

    The street is definitely the most dangerous place in Panama.

    But non-traffic, more crime related area?

    Chorillo, downtown Colon (for now), the Darien
  19. ford007

    ford007 New Member

    Well I think I can afford $500-700 per month. I have never ventured in to Chorrillo. However I have visited Casco Viejo once. Fortunately no untoward incidents happened there. After reading your post, I am curious about Curundu. I would like to visit the area.
  20. Veraa

    Veraa New Member


    Wow these posts have scared me into moving to Panama. Im a 21 yr olld girl and although i will be travelling to panama with family i might travel there just by myself once in awhile, so im guessing it is too dangerous for me to move there?

    considering i will be out n about and because its a small city i could be easily watched and seen alone so i might become a arget right?

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