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Discussion in 'Panama Videos' started by Nosfer, Oct 9, 2007.

  1. Nosfer

    Nosfer New Member

    Here are some videos posted on youtube with panama:)

    I'd say this is the nicest one:

    Panama Canal:

    Panama City [really nice]:

    MRWOOHOO New Member

    Look for "Panama Deception"
  3. claude

    claude New Member


    MRWOOHOO New Member

    Thanks Claude:)
  5. killian

    killian New Member

    thanks Claude, I saw that, it's a good and informative video, wish we could find more like this one online :D
    I'll check the other ones soon :)
  6. MonAmb

    MonAmb New Member

    Good videos, that is good exposure for Panama, hopefully alot of people will see those videos so they understand more about Panama. YouTube is a great platform to gain exposure to subjects that you want and i think these videos may be a great thing! They re very informative for us aswell, thanks.
  7. coolandhot

    coolandhot New Member

    Who is making all of these videos? Is it just citizens? Don't they want to get paid?

    MRWOOHOO New Member

    I think this was just an investigative news program. It probably never made it to the media in the US. Gee, I wonder why?;)
  9. titaniumhijau

    titaniumhijau New Member

    Thats good and just wonder who already made that video..:)
  10. Patricio

    Patricio New Member

    please don't spend you cash on this......


    MRWOOHOO New Member

    LOL, all you got to do is show up and be from the USA, no need to spend the extra money on a specific tour for hookers:D
  12. nuaeman

    nuaeman New Member

    I think it would be a good idea if we can promote Panama through youtube..
    i don't think that all people around the world know panama, is it my opinion right?
  13. nuaeman

    nuaeman New Member

    I think if the panamaforum give some money to them, they will always take a nice video and upload it in the youtube, and this can make panama become a popular place for the tourist
  14. miki2008

    miki2008 New Member

    Great Videos and information here. It is really nice to get a better view and understanding of panama through videos. talking about it just doesn't do it justice
  15. hagckz0r

    hagckz0r New Member

    Thanks for sharing this valuable information with all of us. Keep it updated with fresh information please.
  16. crisella74

    crisella74 New Member

    LOL... but it's really entertaining. Really bad done thou, in this kind of business they should be able to afford a better quality video.
    Is that a matrimonial agency or is it for those looking "entertainment"
  17. Panamanian

    Panamanian New Member

    @ Nosfer, thanks for the videos! I really liked 'em!
  18. Cornishpastyman1

    Cornishpastyman1 New Member

  19. Panamax

    Panamax Member

    360 at the Coastal Beltway


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