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Discussion in 'Panama Sports' started by Michael, Dec 7, 2006.

  1. Michael

    Michael New Member

    What's Panama's favorite sport? I don't know but would guess it's baseball.


  2. Laura

    Laura New Member

    Hi Michael! :) I'd say baseball, but soccer is becoming more popular now.
  3. oopsie-daisy

    oopsie-daisy New Member

    Panama's national sport is Baseball. The Panama National Baseball Team is the national team of Panama. Soccer is already gaining popularity in the country while boxing and basketball are also two of the most popular sports Panamanians enjoy.
  4. trixie

    trixie New Member

    I think a lot of country really enjoys playing baseball and soccer although I am only much aware of boxing and basketball because those too are popular games on my own country. But I am pretty much aware too that soccer is gaining it's popularity on my country to be able to participate on other country held games.
  5. cessy

    cessy New Member

    Soccer is the best! We find time to play and kick during the weekends with my officemates. We even encourage non-players to join us. What matters is that you have the attitude.
  6. oopsie-daisy

    oopsie-daisy New Member

    Another sports that's gaining popularity is surfing. I am just not sure if it has been recognized as one of Panama's national sports but because of the nice beaches around it, many surfers around the world have chosen Panama as their surfing haven. Another sports that are gaining more and more popularity: horse racing, cycling, tennis, and sport-fishing.
  7. cessy

    cessy New Member

    I really wanted to try surfing. But I think I need to learn how to swim first. Whenever I watch movies with surfing scenes on it, I imagine myself getting on the board and challenging the waves.
  8. trixie

    trixie New Member

    They should include water sports as the best sport in their country because they have great beaches around them. I haven't tried surfing but it seems great to experience.
  9. cooltraveler2

    cooltraveler2 New Member

    I don't think the country has a favorite sport. Everyone has their own tastes. One sport that I've been hearing more about is fishing. It's nothing I'm too interested in, but a lot of people like fishing.
  10. Lalaguayaba

    Lalaguayaba New Member

    Baseball, followed by basketball and soccer. Although, by those that actually play sports, you find more futbol fans and surfers than anything else. The surf there is fantastic!! As awesome as Costa Rica is, there are similar beach breaks on the Pacific coast without any crowding at all. And you get a much greater variety of Caribbean breaks outside of Honduras, which can't compete for the infrastructure to boot.

    Just try changing the channel in any pub or bar when theres a futbol game on...

  11. BEAR

    BEAR New Member

    I am thinking of retirement in Panama and am very interested in fishing. Can anyone tell me if any freshwater fishing is availible and is it worth doing. Also is there any saltwater fishing other than deepsea game fishing availible.
  12. mariee

    mariee New Member

    I am a big fan of football/soccer. That's because I don't play baseball. I do play softball, but not much.
  13. Nosfer

    Nosfer New Member

    i know that a lot of great boxers came from Panama :) but well i'd be delighted to see your national football team at World Champshiops soon :)
  14. Lalaguayaba

    Lalaguayaba New Member

    ESPNsoccernet: Panama Schedule and Results

    Hmm, as much as I wish them luck, I think they're going to need it! This was their record from the Concafaf Cup this year; while beating Honduras and Cuba is great...they're smaller countries! Oy!

  15. Nosfer

    Nosfer New Member

    well about the football team... an old pal of my father was coach of Panama.. few years ago.. Mihai Stoichita... i think he hasnt done too many good matches there... but i've heard he was really appreciated
  16. panamapal

    panamapal New Member

    When was Mihai Stoichita the coach? That must be cool to know that he is your father.
  17. Nosfer

    Nosfer New Member

    well, i've said he was an old pal[friend] of my father ... i think back in 2001-2002.. don't know for how long he remained coach... now he's somewhere in Kuweit :)
  18. MonAmb

    MonAmb New Member

    Soccer is probably one of the most popular sports in the world, nearly every country has their own international club. Does anybody know if Panama has an international team? That would be great to see Panama playing somebody like USA or England at home so we could all have a nice holiday and watch the game. :D Can anybody here sort out a Friendly?? That would be great. :cool:
  19. killian

    killian New Member

    cool, I live in the soccer country, it feels nice to see this being introduced to other cultures :D
    I'll play some when I go to Panama lol :D
  20. MonAmb

    MonAmb New Member

    Really? I do not think i have ever heard of a good boxer coming from Panama. Could you tell me some names of famous boxers that are from Panama? I know a little bit about boxing so i doubt I'll know the smaller names, any really famous boxers or athletes from Panama? I know that basketball is extremely popular, and there are regional teams as well as a squad that competes internationally. Baseball also is played throughout the nation, and many Panamanians have played on professional teams in the United States, i've heard of Rod Carew, who was one of the game's greatest hitters, and Mariano Rivera, a much-praised pitcher.

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