Puerto Armuelles?

Discussion in 'Chiriquí' started by ebs964, Aug 29, 2011.

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    Any thoughts on Puerto Armuelles? I have heard that it was originally built by the Chiquita Fruit Company and then when they closed, everything went downhill. Are there any expats living in the area? Thanks for your input!
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    theres other places in panama, you know .
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    Oh yes, definitely! Real estate in Puerto Armuelles seemed to be really cheap and I was curious as to why. That area seemed to have alot going for it; beaches, close to David and the mountains as well as Costa Rica. I was concerned about the rumor of a pipeline or refinery or something along those lines but it appears that crime might be the real concern. 2 BR ocean view, single family house for under 50k..hmm.. something can't be right.
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    It is a bit of a dump, also beware of anything too close to the Costa Rican border as foreigners can't own land in that area, (don't count on your realtor or attorney mentioning that.)
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    they just found around 900 million barrels of oil in the country so your concern about a refinery might not be far off
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    I was aware of the restriction concerning foreigners owning land in that area. Since it is a bit of dump and there are some other concerns, I think I may skip my visit to that area. Don't think I will miss anything. Back to Pedasi, I suppose!
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    no pedasi is terrible , we have that pothole on main street . simply unmanagable LOL
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    Oh the horrors! LOL - do you live in Pedasi? Did they ever build any of those developments? Everything seemed to be "an artist rendering" when I was there in January.
  11. nakedguydb

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    well i live just outside pedasi on my little finca , i would not be caught dead living in any of those developments out on the beach . , they are building some and finding some chumps to buy a few , but thats a long story over a cold beer , and speaking of beer , you know it is the law in pedasi that newcomers have to buy beer until someone else new moves in . and the coldest beer in pedasi just went up to 60 cents , so bring lots of loot , i can drink about 3 on a hot day LOL
  12. betsy

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    This is an old thread. But I have to do my part to give another perspective on Puerto Armuelles.

    We have lived in Puerto for 5 years now. We love it.

    Yes, after Chiquita Banana left in early 2000s, Puerto took a nose dive economically. Many storefronts were boarded up and it looked very depressed.

    However, now new businesses are popping up all over the place.

    While the infrastructure of parks and things are not being upgraded, the town itself is much more bustling. (The issue with the maintenance of parks and other infrastructure has more to do with the Mayor and his priorities than lack of funds).

    Although the Mayor may not be putting money into Puerto, the Panamain government has big plans for Puerto Armuelles. They have funded expanding the road from Paso Canoas (the border town between Costa Rica and Panama) and Puerto Armuelles, from a 2 lane into a 4 lane road.

    The Panamaina government has also allocated the funds to build a deep container port outside of Puerto. The intent is that the deep container port along with the 4 lane road and other improvements will result in a "dry canal" connecting Puerto Armuelles to Chiriqui Grande on the Caribean side. It is anticipated to have the same economic effect as the "wet canal" in Panama City.

    In addition, the government has also cleared the way for a new banana company to buy and operate the former Chiquita banana fincas outside of Puerto Armuelles. Before the huge debt of the workers cooperative was preventing any new company from coming into Puerto. They didn't want to take on that debt.

    There seems to be alot of both private development and government funding focused on Puerto right now. It is noticeable the number of new expats one sees in town, either looking around or buying property.

    Plus, it is just a nice place to live. A great beach town.
  13. ggkilmer

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    Didn't you guys recently have a Gringo put in prison for a very long time for shooting a burglar in the ass (who happened to die). The court allowed rampant racism against the foreigner in the arguments presented by the prosecution.

    Sounds like a fkn shithole to me. What else can you do but sit on your lawn and fondle with yourself?

    Most of the town is within 10 km of the border so isn't it borderline illegal for foreigners to own there?

  14. betsy

    betsy Member

    Wow. That is a very crass and mean spirited reply.

    An ex-US police officer did shoot a burglar. The burglar did, unfortunately, die. However, the person who shot him is not in prison. He living at his house. His case is still making it through the court system.

    Yes, part of the town is within 10km of the border.
    That has not stopped many foreigners from buying and selling land here - both titled and ROP.
  15. sjc

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  16. betsy

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    The gentleman in question lives up the street from us.

    His case is under appeal. He is not under house arrest. He has not been sentenced yet. The sentencing will occur after the appeal is completed.
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    i see that by the link you are selling dirt or something there so i can see why you love it there , but for most people looking to settle somewhere i dont believe they would want to live in a container port town , thousands of trucks moving cans along with the transit employees that go with it and in the banana industry as well . but each to his own .
  18. ggkilmer

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    Don't you think it's an extremely stupid idea to live somewhere where you have to break the law?

    At any time they can decide to enforce their laws and simply take possession of your property.

  19. threadbare

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    Maybe it is a place to rent and enjoy the beach and not purchase there? Reading through the posts it has a bad reputation. It is one of the few places I have not seen in Panama and I am not sure I need to.
  20. raindog

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    Hello All,

    We also live in Puerto Armuelles, and We love it. My family and I travelled all over Panama for four months, before finally deciding on Puerto Armuelles. We also liked Pedasi, but after spending three weeks there, we just felt that it didn't have enough to offer our family, in terms of variety. But, it would be silly to compare a tiny place like Pedasi which has a few hundred residents, with a town of 22,000 inhabitants which Puerto Armuelles has. Better to compare Puerto to Chitre, a large town near Pedasi, also on the Azuero Peninsula. What we like best about Puerto Armuelles is that it is right on the ocean, has all the services and supplies that one needs, so one needn't drive to Paso Canoas, or to David very often (I think we went to David only eight or ten times last year (Of course, some expats drive to David several times per week. If you don't mind driving, David seems to have more shopping options every week---the place is booming).

    I hope this is helpful.


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