Replacements parts in Panama

Discussion in 'Business in Panama' started by pingun, Aug 6, 2012.

  1. pingun

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    Replacement parts in Panama

    I just tried to buy a new adapter for a laptop. Here in Panama I was quoted $120 + 7 % tax by Toshiba.

    I bought it on eBay for $9.99 with free shipping (will be delivered to my home in Panama tax free within 1 week for $6).

    Water filters that are $9.99 in the US run me about $25 as Novey here. Same for many other filters I need.

    A new circuit board for my dryer would run me about $700, picked it up at appliance pro in the US for about $120.

    Nisato which has 40 years in Panama I have been unfortunate enough to deal with. They have no replacement parts at all in the entire country. I was sent on a wild goose chase for 2-3 hours once. Same goes for many of the Chinese motorcycles here, no replacement parts at all available - watch out for Eastern especially.

    Daewoo took me 4 months to get a new ice maker for $250 that is on for $50.

    I constantly have the feeling in Panama that someone is making a penny who should not be making a penny. WE NEED HOME DEPOT, WAL MART, AMAZON, EBAY, IKEA AND MANY OTHER STORES HERE DESPARATELY.

    A word or warning to everyone! Do not ever buy anything in Panama that does not exist in the US. If it does not exist in the US you will not be able to bypass the greedy mark-up pigs in this country.
  2. jonr

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    I generally agree. Panama would benefit from more shipping services where you could order things online from the US and have them delivered to Panama for minimal costs.

    If you have problems with Eastern/Sukida, let's talk - I'm in the same position.
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    Add on top customer device is horrible. No returns no matter the reason. Have to call the corporate office in the US to get issues resolved. Those US companies could come in here and take over. It is unfortunate. that the stores here do not want to change and the people accept it.
  4. pingun

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    I have screamed at the sales staff at Bering's motor to eat shit and die 5-6 times. Ask for a light bulb and they show up with a new bike with a that special hand-in-the-cookie-jar Panamanian smile we all know so well. I sold at steep loss quickly and have never looked back.

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    and i had a good experiance with Kitomi after i crashed and needed parts , chrome and plastic stuff . never had and prolbems with the running gear . and the chrome and plastic was cheap , they have not learned the north american way of retail parts sales like up in canada and the states . must be the luck of the draw
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    Does it get shipped to your PO box using the local mail service?

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