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Discussion in 'New Members' started by eagles100, Jun 15, 2011.

  1. eagles100

    eagles100 New Member

    I'm new to this forum as of today.
    I've been reading some posts and find it quite informative.
    Could anyone tell me where the driest part of Panama is please?

    I have Fibromyalgia (medical condition which is in the family of arthritis) and the drier the weather, the better.
    I can't afford to live in Arizona or anywhere like that.
    Panama sounds really great and my husband & I are looking to retire there in 3-5 years. :D
    We hate winter and need to get out of the Great White North to do that.

    Thanks !!!
  2. bicar

    bicar New Member

    I don't think too many people move to Panama for the dry climate. The climate in Panama is tropical. You may wish to look at North Africa or Australia. There are portions of South America that are very dry; the coastal area of Peru and northern Chile are supposed to be very dry. Parts of Argentina, Venezuela, and Brazil are very dry as well.
  3. No-Non-Sense-Matt

    No-Non-Sense-Matt New Member

    Bicar is right. The humidity is relentless here. I think you will have to hunt for another country
  4. eagles100

    eagles100 New Member

    Thanks for the replies. I do understand that the climate is tropical; I just thought there might be an area that is drier than others. I will look into the other countries as well. We want to live where it's safe, has good telecommunications, relatively inexpensive and easily accessible from Canada.
  5. TennVol

    TennVol New Member

  6. eagles100

    eagles100 New Member

    Thanks TennVol, I heard that the Azuero Peninsula is a drier area but I didn't want to influence anyone on their posts ;-)
    I forgot to mention, changes in barometric pressure is a grave factor of my condition, perhaps worse than humidity.
  7. nakedguydb

    nakedguydb New Member

    i live near pedasi , on average we should get 44 inches of rain a year , i have been told that pedasi is the driest area in the country , so far this rainy season we are just over 12 inches , humidity runs from about 65% in the dry season to 90% in the wet season. for example today at 4 pm 80 degrees , cloudy , light rain and 82% humidity .
  8. eagles100

    eagles100 New Member

    I did a search to see how much precipitation (snow & rain) we get per year in our area of New Brunswick, Canada ... 45" so about the same as Pedasi, except we get it spread out all year ... can anyone tell me what website will give me Panama weather, of its different regions along with averages of precipitation, highs, lows, etc ... Thanks
  9. GHamner

    GHamner New Member

    I spent a year in Iraq. Very dry and in fact I only remember it raining once or twice for the whole year. Probably not a very good retirement destination though. And, those pesky sand storms.
  10. eagles100

    eagles100 New Member

    Yeah Irak is out of the question because of the government, etc.
    In fact, our search will remain in the Americas, in particular countries that offer stable governments and all the other reasons I noted but thanks for the laugh Pollerkeeper.
  11. cloudboypty

    cloudboypty New Member

    You lookin' for dry in Panama????? HaHa HaaaaaHaaaaaHaaaaaaaa I'm not trying to be cruel but you are a long way from dry Toto. When I first moved here, there were hard downpours every day (albeit November). A leather chair I had brought turned black and the leather died and turned black and peeled off like wet cardboard(no it never actually got wet), there is mold on my plastic book covers, there is mold on everything made of leather, I recently opened a spice bottle of paprika and it was moldy and fucked up looking, my Hershey's cocoa is starting to clump so I must use it soon, black mildew is everywhere, I sweat even when it rains, my powdered garlic has turned into a hard dry block and I must separate it by force anytime I want to use some. I am in the city. I don't know if there is an oasis of dry in this country. Let me know when you find it.
  12. eagles100

    eagles100 New Member

    LMAO on not being cruel. It's the truth and I've come to realize it, how Panama is HUMID. Because of the posts from others, we have moved our search to Mexico, Lake Chapala area, which is in the Sierra Madre mountains. It's not IRAK dry but safer. Yes, Mexico is relatively safe outside the US border areas and if you're not into the drug trade or any other illegal activity. I'm so honest if a clerk gives me back too much change, I return it to them. I have a local contact in my city that is moving to Coronado next spring so I'll get news from her about her experiences in Panama. Thanks so much for all your replies even if it means I've moved to a different country; my health is what started all this and why we changed our minds.

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