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Discussion in 'Boquete' started by Gordon S, Oct 5, 2012.

  1. Gordon S

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    Shipping household goods and perhaps vehicle from Miami to the Highlands in Panama . Any experience that some of you like to share - Pleasant and not so Pleasant.


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  3. globaltreker

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    Bring quality items here because none exist or are sold here. Think of cheap Chinese seconds and that is what you get here. I have read where people say to sell everything and buy when you get here but that is bad advice. Clothing here is terrible seconds with fake brands sewed onto them. Buy quality where you are and ship it here and you will be so happy!! Also not having to deal with pana's face to face and be overcharged "juego vivo" style makes shipping your things here that much sweeter!! Bring everything you can and try and buy nothing here!! ( I know this is a revived thread!!).
  4. Ken Miner

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    Does it make any sense to ship your car with your house hold goods. I know everyone and every situation is different but, what is the average cost to ship these items to Panama. I am just trying to get my head around the cost and process. Can someone just give me and idea that has been down that road. Your input would be great.
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    No personal experience, however, the car models sold in the U.S. aren't necessarily available in Panama, and vice versa. You may not be able to get replacement parts and proper service on your U.S. car. For this reason, along with shipping costs, delay and hassle associated with shipping, I think most people would recommend buying in Panama in most instances.
  6. globaltreker

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    The quality of goods sold here are very poor, even worse than the cheap Chinese crap sold in the States and Canada, However here it seems Panama receives the seconds that somehow would not be accepted in other parts of the world. My advice is buy quality clothes and furnishings elsewhere and bring them here. Also electronics here are over priced and often counterfeits so buy you smart phones, computers and other items before arriving here. The real tangible advantage to bringing your own stuff is not having to deal with the Panamanians trying to buy something here. You will be overcharged and they will lie to you about everything. Bring everything you can with you and add years to your life by not having to deal with the Pana's!!:D
  7. Ken Miner

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    I thank you for your reply, can you give me a round about number cost of shipping house hold goods to Panama. We have gotten rid of a lot of things and it is the two of us and two small dogs. I am looking for a ball park price.

    Thank you so much,

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    Ken i am not trying to be nasty but have you been here before ? panama is a country that if you dont have self reliance it will eat you up and you will be like countless others going home in 2 years. asking anyone on here shows you are not ready for panama is my feeling . you need to get a shipping broker up there to give you a price. you got rid of a lot of things ok , how many 20 or 40 ft containers will you need , what is the weight of your stuff . do you understand me ,we can not answer your questions .hope this clears things up for you
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  10. Ken Miner

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    Thank you for your response, who many rooms and from where.
  11. Your question makes as much sense as this one: "How much does a car costs?"
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    I will take international lying and 1 month for $20 LOL
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    Maybe you're better off if you use one of the good settled companies in Panama than one from your country. But not one of the big ones. They will take far too much money for their service.
  14. levelheaded

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    Ken, easylife wrote an incredible lie. Not all going frustrated after 2 years, some of them going first after 3 years others are even trapped to stay because they are invested.

    Panama could be a very nice place for all of us, but for that it has to be far more safer
    and the small investors needs better protection.
    We wouldn't even quarreling so much about the high prices and the poor quality if we would live safer, esp. on the country site.

    As soon you start to fear leaving your home unattended than you have anyway lost.
    People normally resettle for relaxing and not for having every second headache about burglars and home invasions or driving to the place where they life.
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    Make sure your car is one sold and serviced in Panama. If not you will not be able to get either!

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