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Discussion in 'Panama Videos' started by Panamax, May 14, 2011.

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    A video tour of Panama City in all it's glory

    Street level views of Bella Vista, Obarrio, El Cangrejo, Old Panama, Coastal Beltway, Marbella, Punta Pacifica, Punta Paitilla, San Francisco, Calidonia, Santa Ana, El Chorrillo, Amador Causway and San Felipe (colonial quarter).
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    This was great to see! Thanks you very much. Just was wondering, what day of the week and time of day was this taken. I realize it is multiple clips put together, but Sunday morning and Friday at are very different in most cities if you are driving.
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    Glad you enjoyed the tour. I don't know the day of week or time of day simply because it's not my video. I found it on YouTube and embeded it here. With regard to driving in different cities on the aforementioned days and times, would you care to elaborate?
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    Sure Panamax! It just seemed to me that there was a lot less traffic on the roads in this video than I expected to see. And drivng didn't seem to be a blood sport!

    We spent our last 3 winter vacations in the Dominican Republic. The traffic was always very much heavier during the weekdays and Saturdays, with crazy times in the morning and evenings when people were going to and from work. Sunday mornings there was almost no traffic on the roads at all. We drove around a lot of that country including the cities of Santiago, Higuey, Santo Dominigo, La Romana, Puerto Plata/Sousa and a good way along the north coast and back, as well as in the Punta Cana/ Bavaro/ Veron areas. Sunday mornings were the only time that the roads weren't pretty nuts.

    Since we are taking our first trip to Panama this winter instead of the D.R., I was just trying to get a sense of the day to day traffic to decide if I was going to drive as well or leave it all up to my partner again. He has extensive driving experience in cities with extreme conditions that I don't. From what I saw in the video you posted, I'd have no trouble at all if that was the norm and not a 'Sunday Morning' situation.

    At any rate, I did enjoy the video, so again, Thanks!
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    Thanks for the clarification. That said, consider this...

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    LOL! That's what I had expected to see in the first video!

    I don't think we will spend a lot of time in Panama City, but when we are planning to go there, I'll just time it to avoid Friday rush hour!
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    Best days to drive in Panama City are Saturday and Sunday.
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    Panamax, really enjoy the video, the only way to appreciate bauty is knowing the uglyness, congratulation

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