Where do you meet good girls in Panama?

Discussion in 'Single in Panama' started by forbes25, Jul 17, 2009.

  1. forbes25

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    Where do you meet good girls in Panama? This is a question that has baffled me my since I have arrived here in Panama. Going out to nightclubs to look for single females is frustrating; Calle Uruguay is too clique-y and Casinos have too many “working girls”. Plus when is the last time you heard someone meeting their soul mate while randomly grinding on strangers listening to Reggaeton?

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  2. Panamax

    Panamax Member

    "Good girl" is a rather subjective qualification. To me a "good girl" is simply one who isn't a slut. You seem to imply that a good girl need be one's soulmate. For such a high standard, a more scientific approach maybe right up your alley, like a dating service where they can match your profile.

    I met my wife - who is not my soulmate - in the produce department of a local supermarket. We're different, but we're compatible and compliment each other. I figure we must be doing something right, given that we're about to celebrate our silver anniversary.
  3. kyle

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    how to meet good girls ? from Kyle's "how to meet Latin women"

    lesson#1---leave your hormones at home.
    lesson#2---never "look" for a woman, discover one.
    lesson#3---go places other men don't go.
  4. zog

    zog Member

    reminds me of the old joke...

    how do you make a hormone? don't pay her!

    MRWOOHOO New Member

    Now now Zog, jokes like that belong in the adult forum;). In regards to finding good girls in Panama here is something to think about. If you (a single guy) is in town for a few days or even a few weeks, especially if you do not speak Spanish, don't hold your breath thinking you are going to score with anything other than a "professional" or "semi-pro". If you think about it, do you really think that a "good girl" (probably very Catholic) is about to have a quick fling with somebody in town for a few nights?:rolleyes: Let alone somebody that she just met in some bar or any establishment for that matter? Things are different if you plan to move here and/or you are looking for a relationship then you can find that good girl.
  6. kyle

    kyle Member

    lesson#4---if you don't speak spanish, don't even think about non-pro girls......
  7. zog

    zog Member

    What sort of level of spanish suffices? After all, very few to no expats will really have the command of spanish that native speakers have.

    Also there is having command of spanish and understanding the machine gun tongued lilt that panamanians speak.

    MRWOOHOO New Member

    I personally feel that if you live down here you will find your way with the local women, even if you Spanish is not that great. My recommendation is to look to the interior for your "good girl". The city seems to corrupt (hard to believe, NOT!!!). You are correct about the speed in which Panamanian Spanish is delivered. HOLY CRAP they are fast with speech at times. :eek:
  9. zog

    zog Member

    The panamanian women in the city seem to be regular workers mostly. But they also seem to work very hard and long hours. But it is where they go when they get a few days off or where they go on a night out that seems a mystery to me. The interior?
  10. Panamax

    Panamax Member

    I was just wonderin'... what are the odds of finding a non-pro woman in say, a church?
  11. zog

    zog Member

    good idea, open a bar, have DJ Father Crilly do the sounds, and the ambience would be perfect.
  12. Panamanian Offshore

    Panamanian Offshore New Member

    Panamanian women usually dont go outside their circle.

    Its weird but in the United States when you are in college or young you go to bars and clubs to meet women. Here however people meet more through friends they have. Or they always have the same circle of friends for their life. Since Panama is so small people dont go 500 miles away to college and develope a new life. They keep the same friends for a life time.

    Here 3 phases


    Those are the net working circles people meet through here and date.
  13. Capso

    Capso New Member

    I've meet a number of nice women on Tagged an internet site. I've been dating the same lady now for 10 months. She speaks no English and there are times my pronouncation is terrible but we still seeing each other and enjoying our lives together.
  14. Annepannetje

    Annepannetje New Member

    I've got a bunch of panamanian friends (female and male) who are all "good girls/guys" So if you feel like giving a party invite me and I'll bring them along :D
  15. Panamax

    Panamax Member

    I find that when a couple is attracted to each other, language is never an issue as they find alternative ways of communication...
  16. panam

    panam New Member


    You have to be a good guy. I married a good girl from panama.
  17. marta231655

    marta231655 New Member

    i married one also 21 years so far and counting
    met her at a road side cafe she was with a friend who was bi lingual, year after the invasion. did not like americans but heard us talking about me being jewish and for some reason she felt that meant i was not an american lol
  18. Mellowg

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    Been in Latin America for 25 years considered fluent most of the time (depending on subject matter)... and my problem with the local population is they do not ARTICULATE... so everything comes out as white noise, especially if you are half deaf like i am, and there is background noises.

    Patience, is a kind word
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